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Dante Weildraayer

Name: Dante Weildraayer

Age: 19

Race: Human

Lineage: Line of Eld

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Light Brown

Height: 5'11"

Occupation/Class: Gunslinger

Weapons: Galiant - Short barreled rifle, Carved runes on it infuse it with power drawn from the earth

                  Guns of Eld - Twin pistols, weilded by the generations of Eld, forged from Arthur Eld's own sword, enchanted to increase the bullets kinetic energy

Background: Last male child to be born of the bloodline of Eld. Born during the third war of Mariona, right after the Meji offensive that killed his grandfather. From the age of 5 on he was brought up and trained in the sacred skills of his lineage, that of a Gunslinger. He learned the code of the gunslinger as well as the lessons that one of his age would normally be taught, it putting a lot of stress on him at such a tender age yet he prevailed through it all, learning over the years how to adapt, and how to concentrate through the stress, eventually honing his sharpshooting skills. At the age of 17 he experienced his first true warfare during the fourth and final Meij assault. He led a small unit of snipers during the first 20 days of the assault, losing 13 of them before finally on the 21st day of the battle for Mariona he sent them off to the outskirts of the town to cover the survivors fleeing the city. He faught his way through the city, sniping when he could, using his practice pistols the rest of the time, following the distinct sounds of the Guns of Eld towards his father. As he drew closer to his father he heard the guns go silent, fearing for his father he rushed foolish across open ground, taking a round to his left shoulder and to his left thigh. Wounded, he crawled and crept to his father's body, finding a mercenary looting his body, the Gunbelt of Eld hung loosely over his shoulder. Filled with rage at seeing his father's body and the guns Dante lunged at the mercenary, managing to bludgeon him to death with his pistols. Dante put the gunbelt on and managed to carry his father's body back towards their estate without incident, there he laid his father to rest in the family tomb beside his father, and his father's father, and so on. Dante, through his mourning managed to conceal the entrance to the tomb, burn the estate and escaped out of the city. Since that day he has spent 2 years roaming the wastelands and the outskirts of civilization, still carrying those Guns forged from Eld's Sword.