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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Finding the right Process Serving company to meet your
requirements can be a challenging and daunting
experience. If you are a litigator seeking an honest,
responsive alternative to fill your process serving requirements,
let FOX CIVIL PROCESS INC. meet your needs.

We admit that the pace of our business is dynamic and frenzying.
Its limitation and logistical demands, legislation and rule
compliance complexities often humble the most indomitable
spirit.....but that is the nature of our clients profession......and ours.
Those Process Servers at the top accept these challenges.
They anticipate and quickly respond to the needs and demands
of their clients. They foresee problems, seize opportunities
and capitalize upon them . FOX CIVIL PROCESS INC. is driven
by our desire to be the "best in the business" and provide
our clients with an unprecedented level of service........we promise it.

Honesty, integrity and excellence............the exclusive means
by which FOX CIVIL PROCESS INC. conduct's their business.
Fast "turn around times", meticulous and credible supportive
documentation......... uncompromising quality. That is client
service success, an undefined unlimited, category of achievement.
We are a business innovator unafraid to accept a challenge.

Litigation is such that it is no place for the faint of heart.
A litigator who can count on the expert knowledge and
experience of his support staff will have the advantage.
Legendary litigators are not only individuals, they are
lawyers with an exceptional support network............
the leader of a team.

FOX CIVIL PROCESS INC. breaks the barriers to Process Serving excellence.
What caught the unsuspecting yesterday, are redefined today by
FOX CIVIL PROCESS INC. There are no obstacles to the determined.

We await your challenge!

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