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If you were convicted of a felony and plan to travel outside of the US, this site contains helpful information pertaining to passports and entrance to different countries.

Can Felons Travel Internationally?

Passports and Country Specific Regulations

While doing research for myself, I found little help.† I didnít find any site that could give me a definitive answer to my questions.


I was interested in finding out whether or not convicted felons can apply and receive a passport.†


I wanted to know specifically whether or not people with a criminal record would be admitted into the Netherlands.


On the Steps to Take page, you will find, step by step the actions to take and the questions to ask to find out whether or not you are eligible for travel, if you can get a passport, and where you can go.

On the Helpful Sites page, you can find links to many different web sites that can supply you with information regarding your travels.

On the last page, Answers I Received, I posted the answers regarding my specific questions.†


Hopefully you will find this site and the information contained truly helpful.