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The Fallen Ones

The Fallen Ones
Wednesday, 27 July 2005
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Topic: The Fallen Ones
[07/27/05] Chapters 1-3 are up.

Posted by psy/fallenones at 5:48 PM EDT
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Chapter 1
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Topic: The Fallen Ones
"Kenneth! It's time for graduation! Are you ready?"

A young man with somewhat-curly brown hair and purple eyes sitting on his bed snapped to attention. He looked up at the blonde man standing in his dorm room's doorway.

"Oh, hey, Brandon. Yeah, I am, I guess."

The other man began to laugh. "You're going to wear that to graduation?" he snickered, pointing at Kenneth's clothing. Kenneth looked down. He was wearing a black choker, a v-neck, and black bellbottoms.

"I don't see what's wrong with it, do you?" he asked, which caused Brandon to laugh even harder. He came in the room and sat down on the other bed. "There's nothing wrong with it if you're going to a gay bar."

Kenneth recoiled from this comment and Brandon whispered, "All right, direct hit!"

"There's nothing wrong with this outfit. We're going to be wearing a robe and hat anyway, so what's the deal? No one's going to see it," Kenneth muttered.

"Shit!" his friend exclaimed, looking at his watch. "You'd better put on your robes and stuff, because we need to be down there in five minutes!"

Kenneth laughed, pulling them out of his closet and putting them on in a hurry. Brandon fixed his hat and then they ran down the stairs and didn't stop until they were in the gymnasium. Since Brandon and Kenneth's last names were Schavitz and Schmidt, they were assigned seats next to each other. Kenneth waved to the person next to him, a black haired girl who was giggling at them. She handed them a comb.

"Hey, Becca," Kenneth said with a smile, putting the comb to good use on his messy, dirt-brown hair.

"You were so almost late," she said with a huge smile, hugging Kenneth. Brandon laughed, taking the comb and tossing it in the air.

"Y'know, I almost didn't let him out of his dorm room because of the disaster he was wearing when I came to walk him downstairs," Brandon told her, pointing to Kenneth.

"Hm? What do you mean?" Becca asked him. "My boyfriend has very good taste!" The blonde began to laugh, and then Kenneth elbowed him in the side, which shut him up.

"Apparently my dress clothes aren't sexy enough for Brandon," the brown-haired man joked, frowning at his friend.

"Attention!" The cry echoed across the gym. "All eyes up here!"

Everyone turned to the front. A lady with large blue glasses and shiny brown hair pulled into a tight bun rapped her instructor stick on the podium.

"Hey! It's Ms. Shaugne!" someone from the row in front of them whispered to their neighbor.

"Isn't this exciting?" Becca said with a giggle. "We're finally graduating!"

"I would like to thank all of you for sticking with this for the past two to eight years. You only have one night to go, and then you're free to go. I'd like to personally tell you something before your parents arrive," Shaugne began, smiling widely. "I am so proud of you all. I hope all of you have bright futures and become successful at what you've been training to be here at Alking U. Good luck in the future and I hope to see you around."

The students applauded as Ms. Shaugne stepped down from the podium. She laughed and waved. Turning to four of the instructors standing behind her, she ordered them to hurry up and go to the upper floor and pass out some programs, because the graduating students' friends and families had slowly started to trickle through the doors.

Kenneth looked up to the balconies, thinking that someone was calling his name. Not seeing anyone he recognized, he turned back around in his seat, crossing his legs.

"Are they coming? Will I get to meet them?" Becca asked.

"H...huh?" Kenneth mumbled, turning to Becca. "Were you talking to me?"

"Yeah, I was, silly!" she exclaimed. "Is your family going to be here? And will you introduce them to me?"

"Oh, yeah. They'll be here, don't worry," he responded. She giggled and kissed him on the cheek. Kenneth blushed once again, shifting in his seat. Brandon saw this and snickered, but Kenneth was no longer paying attention to him, or Becca for that matter. He got so involved in his thoughts that he sat like that for most of the ceremony, not even paying attention to his surroundings. Then, all of a sudden, he felt a burning sensation on his cheek and he snapped back into reality.

"W-what was that?" he mumbled. Kenneth was laughing and Becca was staring at him.

"She just slapped you, dude," his friend said, trying to regain a straight face.

"Our row is up next," Becca said to him, pointing to the empty row in front of them.

"Oh... right," Kenneth muttered, rubbing his cheek. "Thanks, I guess."

"Anytime," Becca said, kissing his hand. Kenneth sighed. "I wonder how many people noticed us."

"Oh, it was just one slap! Anyway, here's our turn," his girlfriend replied.

"Good, my butt was getting numb," Brandon whispered. The three of them snickered quietly, and then stood up together when signaled.

"Ooh, this is so exciting!" Becca whispered to Kenneth, who smiled back at her as their row walked up the aisle.

"Keith Sabert," Ms. Shaugne called.

"Here we go," Brandon whispered with a grin.

"Brandon Schavitz," Ms. Shaugne's partner said into the microphone.

"Kenneth Schmidt," Ms. Shaugne said shortly after.

'Don't trip, don't trip...' Kenneth repeated over and over in his mind. Surprisingly enough, he managed to walk up the ramp, get his diploma, and walk back to stand in front of his seat without stumbling at all. Becca followed, trying not to squeal.

"I'm so excited!" she whispered. He chuckled. They sat down when motioned to, and the ceremony continued without interruption.

When it was finally over, Kenneth went to go meet his family, Becca following close behind.

“Kenneth! Over here!”

He whirled around, looking for the voice that had called him. Relieved, he saw his parents and his little sister and he ran over to them. His sister tackled him and he laughed, pushing her away.

“Oh yeah, you guys, this is Becca,” he said, putting his arm around her and pulling her close to him.

“Nice to meet you, Becca,” Kenneth’s father said in his regularly gravelly voice. He shook her hand and then Kenneth’s mom embraced her.

“We’ve heard a lot about you,” she said with a smile, trying to keep her distracted while Kenneth’s sister handed him a black box. He looked inside and grinned. Hiding it behind his back, he grabbed Becca’s hand. She glanced at him with a questioning look. His smile grew as he kneeled down onto the ground.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, Becca,” he said to her. “I picked this out, and I decided that I would do this today. Becca... will you marry me?”

Becca stared at him, mouth hanging open.

“W-what? You want to get married?” she asked him. He blushed and nodded. She started laughing and then she hugged him, pushing him to the floor.

“I accept,” she said with a serious face, and then she smiled and hugged him some more. Still laying on the floor, Kenneth slipped the gorgeous golden ring onto her finger.

“We’ll go load the stuff in your car,” Kenneth’s dad said with a grin.

“I suppose I’ll meet you there,” his son replied, walking away with Becca.

“So... are your parents here?” he asked, wrapping his arm around her. She smiled at him.

“No, they weren’t able to make it. But that’s all right, what happened today was better than seeing them.”

He hugged her tightly in the middle of the hallway. They stood that way until some random graduate knocked into them.

“Um, honey, I think we’re taking up space,” Becca said. Kenneth laughed, still not letting go.

“Kenneth! Hey, Kenneth!”

Kenneth looked all around for the faint voice that was calling him. Not seeing any acknowledgement from anyone around the two of them, he tried to shrug it off.

“Okay, Becca, let’s go,” Kenneth said, leading her out the nearest door. Becca shivered the minute the door opened.

“I wonder why it’s so cold out here all of a sudden,” she mumbled, wrapping her arms around herself, following Kenneth to the car.

“So, Becca, where do you want to go?” he asked her, starting to run to the car. Kenneth couldn’t stand the biting cold any longer.

“Well... my parents did promise to buy me a house as a graduation party,” Becca replied. Kenneth’s mouth dropped open.

“A-are you serious?” he stuttered.

“I do believe I am,” she sighed. “My parents are rich. They couldn’t make it here because they’re on safari in Africa. They’ll be home tomorrow afternoon.”

“So,” Kenneth mumbled. “Would you like to stay at my house?” Becca nodded and gave him a hug.

“Over here!” Kenneth’s little sister called.

“Hey, Katie,” he said with a wave, hurrying over to her. Their parents were busy loading up the car.

“Do you guys mind if Becca stays with us until tomorrow?” Kenneth asked.

“Of course not, son,” his dad said, turning around, making sure he didn’t hit his head on the trunk door.

“We would be honored to have you at our house, Becca,” Kenneth’s mom said, her head still buried in the trunk. Turning to face her, she smiled. “Stay however long you want. We don’t mind.”

Becca hugged both of them at the same time. “Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it,” she grinned.

“It really isn’t a problem, honey,” the middle-aged woman replied. “Now, it looks like you have everything. I suppose you will be following us. Just hurry up, I want to talk as soon as we get home.”

“All right, Mom,” Kenneth said with a chuckle. His family left for their own separate car and they met up a few minutes later.

Becca and Kenneth spent the car ride talking about the future, and the past. It was mostly Becca’s past, though, because Kenneth couldn’t remember anything that happened before his junior year of high school. They were so happy talking together that they had a hard time paying attention to the road. After Becca having to warn him to be more careful, Kenneth kissed her lightly on the cheek and then looked back to the road, just in time to see that he was passing through a red light. At the same time, a blue convertible got the green light and was going straight for them. Becca grasped Kenneth’s arm in fear as he let out an extremely loud, shocked exclamation.

“Oh, sh—!”

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Updated: Wednesday, 27 July 2005 5:45 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 26 July 2005
Chapter 2
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: Hajimete Shimashou- Rizelmine
Topic: The Fallen Ones
Kenneth sat up and looked around at his surroundings. He was in a sterile white room with two beds, a television on a platform nailed into the wall, medical equipment, and flowers and cards on a table across the room.

“A hospital room? Oh, man, I wonder what happened,” he mumbled. He pushed the sheets that he was tightly wrapped in off of him and got out of the bed. “Whatever it was, I seem to be okay, at least.” He looked at the empty bed next to him and shrugged. Then he decided to go through the stack of cards and gifts sitting on the table. Picking up the cards, he looked for interesting ones.

“Brandon... parents... Katie... hello, what’s this?” he said under his breath, reading one that caught his eye. “‘Dear Kenneth, we all miss you, and we really want to see you again. Drewin’s been getting restless, and so is Siyu. I’ve been trying to contact you for a while now. Sorry that we didn’t get to you sooner, but it’s been a real mess around here. I’ll have Siyu wait for you outside of the bookstore on Dimen Street. Hurry, because you know Siyu hates waiting. Love, Spiena.’ what the heck.”

Kenneth tossed it aside and continued looking for interesting cards, but was interrupted by a nurse who had walked into his room.

“Oh, you’re awake, Mr. Schmidt. I’m sure your parents will be pleased to be notified,” she said with a smile.

“How long was I out?” he asked her, dropping the cards and walking over to her.

“Oh, I think it’s been seventeen days now,” she replied, raising up her left eyebrow. “Your parents have been extremely worried about you.”

“Well, I’ll bet. Where are they now?”

His parents walked in and stood behind the nurse. Seeing Kenneth out of bed, they ran over to hug him, and he was knocked down onto a chair. Jumping back together, they apologized in unison over and over again.

“Oh, my head...” Kenneth groaned. All of a sudden, he thought of Becca. He snapped upright in his chair and demanded to know where she was. His parents exchanged worried glances.

“Well, honey... Becca is in a—“

Kenneth’s mother was interrupted by a loud cry of pain coming from her son. Her husband grabbed Kenneth just before he collapsed unconscious onto the floor and set him down gently on the bed.

When Kenneth regained consciousness, there were strange lights passing rapidly overhead. He realized that he was in a car. He sat up quickly. Letting out a cry of anguish, he collapsed and started clawing at his head like an animal. The person in the front passenger’s seat grabbed him by his wrists.

“Kenneth! Stop it!”

It was his father’s gravelly bellow. He had never felt so relieved to hear it before. He sat up slowly with a sigh.

“Are you feeling any better, honey?” his mother asked him.

“No, not really,” Kenneth uttered under his breath, holding his face in his hands.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, we’ll be home soon,” she said with an obviously fake smile. “Once you get there, you’ll automatically feel better, I know it!”

These false words of encouragement were just enough for Kenneth to snap.

“Why are you masking your feelings? I know you’re depressed because of whatever happened to Becca. I also know that you’re depressed because of what I did! You shouldn’t hide it! Don’t hide your feelings from me anymore!” he yelled. Neither of his parents turned around. Kenneth looked at both of them, and they refused to look back.

“Oh, look,” his mom mumbled, putting the car into park. “We’re home.”

“That’s good. I’m glad,” his father replied, with a tone just as distant as his wife’s. Kenneth sighed, exhausted from his little rant, and the entire hospital experience. Katie was sitting on the couch watching television.

“You’re back! Hey, Kenny!” she exclaimed, waving to him excitedly.

“Don’t call me that...” he muttered, heading to his room, leaving Katie, stunned, on the couch.

Shutting the door behind him, he sat against it with a sigh. The strange card was the primary thing on his mind at the moment.

‘Who sent that to me, and how did they know who I was?’ he thought. ‘I think I want to meet them...’

“Kenneth!” his father called.

“Yes, Dad?” he replied with sarcastic cheeriness.

“We’re having dinner... anything you want?”

“No thanks, Dad...”

He sighed again, moving to his bed. It seemed that sleep was the only thing keeping him from feeling pain. He fell asleep without any trouble, only to be woken up the next morning by his sister shaking him.

“You have to eat. C’mon,” she told him.

“I don’t have an appetite, Katie...” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

“But you haven’t eaten for a really long time. You have to get something in your stomach!”

Kenneth didn’t feel like arguing with his little sister, so he reluctantly followed. When they went into the kitchen together, their mom let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh, good... you’ve come out of your room. I was worried about you,” she said, setting glasses on the table and filling them up with orange juice. Her husband was cooking bacon and eggs. Kenneth and Katie sat down next to each other as their mother put plates down in front of them.

“How much do you want?” their dad asked, holding the pan above their plates.

“Ugh... I’m really not hungry,” Kenneth replied, wrinkling his nose at the sight of food.

“Two eggs and four pieces of bacon please!” Katie exclaimed, holding out her plate. Her dad fixed her up and then pushed the same amount of food on Kenneth’s plate, who let out a grunt of protest.

“Eat or you’re in a lot of trouble,” his father threatened, pointing the spatula in his face. Kenneth glared at him.

“Since when am I under your rule?” he retorted, which resulted in a slap across the face from his father.

“Eat!” he bellowed. To this, Kenneth simply got up, grabbed the car keys, his wallet, and the card directing him where to go, and took the car. His dad chased him out of the house.

“Get back here!”

Kenneth ignored his father’s yells and left for the bookstore.

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Saturday, 25 June 2005
Chapter 3
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Topic: The Fallen Ones
Amidst the crowd of busy people walking hurriedly past, Kenneth looked at the card and then the address of the bookstore in front of which he stood.

“Well, this is Dimen Street. This Siyu person must be here somewhere. Unless it was all a hoax,” he thought out loud. “What was I thinking, coming here? Ugh, I’m such a moron.”

He was interrupted by an irritating tapping on his shoulder. He whirled around and loudly yelled, “What?!”

The blonde girl trying to get his attention drew back cautiously, watching him with red eyes from under her hat.

“Oh, I’m sorry. What do you want?” Kenneth said, smiling kindly at her. He couldn’t believe that he had just snapped at that girl! She couldn’t be older than 14.

She smiled back at him. “So... you’re Kenneth, right?”

He thought for a moment. Maybe the note actually wasn’t a hoax.

“Yeah, I am,” he said with a laugh, putting his hand on the girl’s shoulder. “You’re Siyu, aren’t you?” She blinked.

“You don’t remember me?”

“I’m afraid I don’t...” he replied. Sadness overtook her countenance. Then, she gasped and smiled brightly.

“Spiena can help you!” she exclaimed. “Give me your hand.” In confusion, Kenneth did what the girl asked. She smiled and told him not to worry.

“Just hold on, sweetie,” she said with a wink. All of a sudden, they were in a strange purple room with couches surrounding them. There was only one other person in the room, a young girl with light blue hair and a pale complexion sitting on the couch directly in front of them. She jumped up and ran over to them.

“Kenneth! You’re back! Siyu, wonderful job!” she exclaimed, hugging a very confused Kenneth.

“Yeah, I’m finally back,” Siyu replied. She took off her hat and shook her head. Kenneth gasped. The girl had cat ears!

“What the hell is going on here?” Kenneth asked Spiena.

Spiena started laughing.

“Um... hun, he’s not joking,” Siyu whispered. “He can’t remember anything.”

“No? Not even your passionate romance? Oh my,” Spiena said with a giggle.

“I said he wasn’t joking. I’m being completely serious. He doesn’t know who I am!” Siyu yelled at her. Kenneth was just getting more and more confused. Suddenly, Spiena actually realized the seriousness of the situation and a look of horror overtook her face.

“Y-you’re... serious?” she mumbled. “You don’t remember anything?”

Kenneth shook his head. “I can’t remember anything that went on in my life before my junior year of high school. They said it was a major concussion or something.”

There was a great pause. Finally, Spiena whispered to Siyu something that Kenneth couldn’t hear.

“Oh, no, that’s horrible!” Siyu gasped.

“Wh-what’s horrible?” Kenneth asked, completely overwhelmed.

“Hey, guys! ‘Sup?”

The three of them turned toward the door. A tan red-haired man with black dog ears and a long, scruffy tail was standing there, holding up a bag of McDonalds.

“Human fooood!” Siyu exclaimed, running over to him and trying to get at the bag. The man held her back.

“Hold up, you little brat,” he laughed.

“Spiena! Drewin’s being mean to me!” Siyu wailed, still trying to get the bag of ‘precious’ food.

Spiena crossed her arms. “Drewin! Let him go!”


“Do you promise to wait for your food until we sit down and eat together?”


“Fine, I guess so!” Siyu ran to the table and sat down. Drewin followed.

‘That can’t be a guy.’

Spiena realized that Kenneth hadn’t moved from where he was standing since Drewin came in.

“What’s the matter?” she asked him.

“...Siyu... is a guy...?” he mumbled. Drewin started laughing.

“Dude, Kenneth, have you gone mental or something? Of course Siyu’s a guy!”

Siyu sighed, grabbing some fries out of the bag and quietly nibbled on them. Drewin looked at the other three.

“Um... what did I do?”

“Kenneth can’t remember anything. At all,” Spiena told him. Siyu loudly drank his soda, trying to drown out Spiena telling Drewin the situation.

“Man... that sucks big time,” Drewin muttered, running his hand through his hair. Siyu slurped his soda even louder.

“Is there anything you can do, Spiena?” he asked. Spiena sighed.

“I guess I could try,” she replied. “Will you and Siyu wait for the others to get back?”

Drewin nodded. Spiena led Kenneth out of the room.

“Wh-where are we going?” Kenneth asked her, bewildered. She looked back at him, still walking rushedly.

“Just come with me,” she answered, taking his wrist and pulling him along. He let out a little whine of protest, but she didn’t seem to hear.

“Okay, we’re here,” she told him, finally stopping at what looked like an office door. She opened it and sat down behind the desk. Kenneth took a seat in one of the chairs lining the wall.

“I want to know what’s going on,” Kenneth mumbled.

“All right...” Spiena sighed. “Are you sure you want to know? You can go back to your normal life if you wish. Just say the word and I’ll have Siyu teleport you back to your home.”

“Wouldn’t that defeat the entire purpose of me coming here in the first place?”

“...yes, yes it would, I suppose,” she replied. “Okay, all of this is going to be really hard to understand, but I’m going to explain it to the best of my ability. Everyone you will meet here is a fallen angel. For one reason or another, we disobeyed the creators of our respective heavens and they sent us here. They depend on us to keep demons from wreaking havoc on Earth. I suppose it’s because they can’t trust us to be in heaven with everyone else. There are three heavens, the heaven for humans, the heaven for animals, and the heaven for... oh, let’s just call them mystical creatures. Elves and fairies and the like.”

Kenneth nodded, thinking it best not to interrupt, although he was rather confused.

“There are also three hells, which coincide with the heavens. Angels who disobey the God that rules over them cannot be sent to hell, though. They are instead sent here. Siyu and Drewin were disrupting the peace in the animal heaven by fighting with each other. It was so bad that they were sent here.”

“And what did you do?” Kenneth asked, understanding the situation a little more now.

“Um... well, to be completely honest, I was in a relationship with a demon,” Spiena whispered to him, her face turning red. “God found out and kicked me out.”

“Oh, by the way... where is ‘here’, anyway?” Kenneth asked, looking around. He hadn’t seen a window since he’d been brought there by Siyu.

“We’re in between the heavens and the earth,” she replied. “Ugh, I absolutely love that the Gods are so prejudiced and selfish that they need to rip the three parts of the world that lived in perfect harmony apart and place them in separate parts of heaven when they reach the afterlife!” she exclaimed with great disdain.

Something else occured to Kenneth.

“Why exactly do you need me?”

“Well... good question. I don’t know. Something just told us that it was mandatory to find you. That was in 1996, your eighth grade year. We had Siyu and Drewin enroll at your school. From then until 1999, we helped maintain the order of the world. You honestly don’t recall any of it?”

Kenneth shook his head. “I’m sorry, I have no recollection of anything before my start of junior year in high school.”

Spiena groaned.

“I don’t think I know exactly what happened in 1999, but we all got separated somehow. We’ve been trying to find you since then,” she replied to the best of her ability.

“Why haven’t you been able to contact me until now?” he asked, leaning back in his chair.

“There’s a faerie that just arrived here a couple months ago. We’ve never had a faerie before, so that’s why. Faeries can find practically anything or anyone,” she told him. “She also has telepathy, so she tried to get ahold of you that way, but it failed.”

‘Well, that would explain the voices that I’ve been hearing,’ Kenneth thought. He chuckled. Spiena gave him a confused look.

“Oh, it’s nothing, never mind,” he told her, straightening up in his chair. There was a long pause, and Spiena started fiddling with things in her desk. She pulled open a drawer and gasped.

“What? What is it?” Kenneth demanded. She pulled out a packet of pictures.

“I’m not sure you would want to look at this or not...” she said, handing it to him.

“What is... oh, my god,” he mumbled, flipping through the pictures. It was a younger version of him and a group of people including Drewin, Spiena, and Siyu. He saw a picture of himself and Siyu cuddling up together and stood up, letting the pictures fall on the floor.

“Kenneth? Kenneth, what’s wrong?” Spiena asked, rushing over to him. “...I knew I shouldn’t have showed that to you, I’m sorry...”

Those were the last words Kenneth heard as he collapsed in her arms.

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