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The Women’s

Garden of Self Esteem

White Camelia

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Hey, Gal-

Have you been feeling like a wilted flower?

How self confident are you?

How would you LIKE to feel about yourself?

Do you ever feel something like a stunted plant, that never reached full growth?

Who was it in your past that fed you negative information about yourself?

What were these negative messages?

Were they true?

Is there anyone in your life right now who is feeding you negative, inappropriate messages about yourself?

What are you going to do about it?

How do these messages make you feel? Come do a little “gardening” with us, and let’s get you to blossom!

This web site is designed by a health professional,as a public service. We are not “selling” anything- just hoping you will use this information to grow to your full potential as a human being!

The pages are intended as separate “lessons”. They are not intended to be a substitute for therapy, but can be used as part of a program to improve feelings of self worth and increase confidence. Take these lessons one at a time, at your own pace, discuss with others, use the questions and exercises as a topic for journaling, and return here to review often.

Most of this site uses larger font for easier reading. You can best print it out by copying within the white table and pasting to your Windows program, then printing.

You won’t need your gardening gloves or a hoe, but some hard work is necessary. Ready?


Low Self Esteem- Seeds That Were Planted

A Woman's Garden

Raise Self Esteem: The Soil In Which You Grow

Increasing Self Confidence By Pulling Weeds


Nutients To Help You Grow

Keeping Pests Away By Setting Boundaries

My Favorite Uppity Women, Part 1

My Favorite Uppity Women, Part 2

Learn More About Women's Self Esteem


Please help keep this non-profit website going by looking at the various recommended books, audio tapes and videos. If they look like as if they might help you on your journey, please use the links on this site. Thank you!


by Jeannine Davis-Kimball, Ph.D. This intrepid archaeologist, who came into this profession later in life, travelled from exotic excavations on the wild Eurasian steps, to mysterious tombs in Mongolia, and on to burial mounds in Northern Ireland, in search of the truth above the pwerful and forgotten women of ancient history. You truly will not want it to end!

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