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Tales Of Symphonia Bloopers! (As seen on GameFAQs)

Tales of Symphonia Bloopers (Possible Spoilers)

Draco's note: These bloopers belong
to whoever posted them and Tales Of Symphonia
belongs to Namco and Nintendo, not me.

From: bumpygrimes | Posted: 7/29/2004 11:19:26 AM | Message Detail

Post some bloopers. Make them funny. Make them spoofs of commercials or something.
Kratos: You summoned Aska and Sylph? NOOOOOOOO!
*giant tree destroys Palmacosta and wraps itself around the Tower of Salvation*
Yuan: So... without the protection around the great seed...
Kratos: It grows out of control and cannot be contained.
Yuan: ...
Kratos: But there is good news.
Yuan: Really? And what is that?
Kratos: I just saved a crapload on car insurance by switching to Geico.
"I think Lloyd is a liberal because once in a skit he said he was going to vote for Kerry." -Seth Huber

From: Palom the Black Mage | Posted: 7/29/2004 11:25:09 AM | Message Detail

Colette: Can we cut? I fell down again.
Director: You were supposed to do that anyway.
How do you push the Pause button?

From: Sketchie | Posted: 7/29/2004 11:37:56 AM | Message Detail

Llyod: Hey Colette, have a cup of hot coffee. I had Genis make us some. *hands Colette a cup of coffee* Hot isn't it?
Colette: Why is, it is. Very hot.
Llyod: It's actually iced coffe. I had Genis make it cold.
Colette: Uh? Oh, yes, it's very cold.
Llyod: I lied. It's hot coffee.
Colette: Oh! *drops her mug, splattering the coffee all over the floor*
Llyod: Why didn't you tell me this was... huh? Funny, something's eating me.
Colette: Llyod, that coffee is all green.
Llyod: What is this?! GENIS!!
Genis: Yes?
Llyod: What is this green thing that is hurting us?!
Colette: It's not hurting me at all, Llyod.
Llyod: Fine, why is this green gunk hurting me?!
Genis: Oh, dear! I must've given you the wrong cup. That's acid for my chemistry experiment. Here's some real coffee. *hands Llyod another cup of coffee*
Llyod: GENIS!!!!
Gills: "I have come to get my revenge on you Ron Stoppable!" Ron: "Uh... half of me is terrified but the other half is flattered."

From: ShockKirby80 | Posted: 7/29/2004 11:45:10 AM | Message Detail

Kratos: I just saved a crapload on car insurance by switching to Geico.
Should't he have saved Rheiard insurance? :P
On topic...
Zelos: Hey, hunny.
Dog: Woof!
**You received Fine Pellets**
"Wow! The Professor can make boy bombs!? She's amazing!" -- Colette, Tales of Symphonia

From: LockedAndLoaded2800 | Posted: 7/29/2004 11:55:15 AM | Message Detail

*after beating Remiel*
Kratos: Ohhhooohh... *is drunk*
Lloyd: Kratos? What's wrong with you?
Kratos: Hey, how about a little less questions and a little more SHUT THE HELL UP!
Brian: Hey, that's my lin--*gets speared by sword*
*they fight*
Kratos: *splatters alcohol over them all*
Genis: Ah! What is this stuff?
Raine: Don't drink that Genis, or you'll find yourself with someone you don't even know...
Kratos: *lights them on fire, they die*
Bartender: Hey, you gotta pay for all that hard licquor, you know!
Kratos:... *runs, staggering*
Genis: "Ha ha! You got re-je-cted!"
Lloyd: "Shut up, Genis!"

From: bumpygrimes | Posted: 7/29/2004 2:09:38 PM | Message Detail

"I think Lloyd is a liberal because once in a skit he said he was going to vote for Kerry." -Seth Huber

From: Hitenjin | Posted: 7/29/2004 2:20:38 PM | Message Detail

Genis: "Dwarven Vow #7-"
Colette: "Remember kids, it's down the road, not across the street!"

From: Battlemank10 | Posted: 7/29/2004 2:31:42 PM | Message Detail

Second play through
Remil: my beloved daughter Collet
Collet throws disk it hits Remil in the head nocking him out cold.
Collet:Thats for using me you bastard!
Goes back to playing Tales of Symphonia.

From: RevengeOfZach | Posted: 7/29/2004 2:45:26 PM | Message Detail

Guy: "It's Magnius from the eastern ranch!"
Magnius: "That's Pimp Master Magnius you dumbass cracker!"
Director: "Cut! Magnius.... what the hell?"
Magnius: "That's Pimp-"
Director: "You're fired!"
Can you imagine Yu-Gi-Oh being that dramatic with any other card game? "Oh no! If Kaiba doesn't have any 3s, Yugi will have to go fish!"