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The Randomosity File

Welcome, traveler. It seems you have stumbled upon.... THE RANDOMOSITY FILE! *cues crazy music, balloons, and confetti* Meep. This site is a weblog for me, as well as a place to archive whatever the heck I feel like. Despite the fact that this is a blog, do not be discouraged. I am quite a humourous writer and you'll find things to be fairly funny here. Of course, there are angsty/whiny days, but those should be few and far between. o_0

Updates are now done whenever I feel like it. I'm lazy, so sue me. -_-


Friday the 13th! PH34R! I went to Barnes and Nobles last night with Sam, and there I purchased book three of the uber-awesome manga, Sgt. Frog! Now I have to volunteer. :(


Yes! I haven't had to do any physics work yet! w00tness! I have, however, had to volunteer at the library. :(
Can't think of anything else to write, so..... Bye for now!


~~Happy Filler Time!~~


Well, there is a lot of news to recount. First off, school got out on Friday, the 4th. Now that I think about it, it just became Monday morning four minutes ago. I had my birthday, and two finals, on the 2nd. That was a pretty good day. We ate cookies and watched The Little Mermaid in history class.

On Friday, I got to talk to Eddie twice! Squeal! First was when we all went down to clean out our lockers. He and I basically said "Hi" and "Have a good summer". Then, later, when we were dismissed, he is right by me as we're going out the door and he turns to me and says, "Have a great summer, Amy," all nice like. *faints with happiness* I think I'll ask him to the Christmas dance next year.

I had my party on Friday. We watched Dirty Dancing, much to the dismay of three of the five of us. I used the time to draw and uber cool samurai on my dry erase board. He looks like a combination of Mitsukake and Samurai Jack. He's my almost-bishie. Mitsukake is one of my kinda-bishies, along with Piers, Isaac, Amiboshi, and Chichiri. Mitsukake is teh hottness, tho!!!!111!!!!oneoneone!!!1!1!eleventyone!!!1!1! Ahem. So, after that we hung out downstairs and danced to some Now CDs that Kelly brought. Actually, Kelly was the one who danced. She tried to get the rest of us the dance, too, but only Sam and I would do anything. We watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights and then Christine, Sam, and I went on a midnight walk with my dad.

RuneVillage was hacked today! A hacker got into some mod accounts and was wreaking havoc. Finally, Hiker shut the village down. As of this time, we still do not know what is going to happen. O_O


I need to write a 3-5 page thesis paper for Tuesday. I sooo smell an all-nighter. *sigh* I just can't concentrate when the weather is this nice and the end of school is so close.

Here's a quiz... Just because.

Ooooo Shiney!
What Random Object From Ydoc Nameloc's Room Are You?

So, I've been into anime and manga lately. My pal Christine and I are reading the series Fushigi Yugi. It is soooo good. The best part is the characters. Miaka is cool. I can definitely relate, especially with her desire to eat everything in sight. Chichiri is cool, too (No da!), and Mitsukake's kinda hot. He's not normal bishie material, but I can't stand girly-guy bishounen. :-\


Doncha just love quizzes? :)

So, E3. Wow. I'm not totally up to date, but I have heard some amazing things. For one thing, there is a new realistic Zelda game in the works. For another, there is supposedly a GameCube Fire Emblem in the works. That would be total ownage. Another great game that was rumoured to be developed for the 'Cube was Golden Sun 3. Heck, I'd be glad to see it on any Nintendo system, but at this nothing on that has been announced. There was something about Paper Mario 2 which had me excited as well.

Find out what anime series you belong in.


I have updated the quiz section. Yay!


There will be updates and reformatting! I promise! .... I just never specified when. Eh heh heh....

speak and spell
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So, anyhoo, today we listened to a bunch of songs in geometry and played name that tune for bonus points. We were going to walk down to the AAC, or the gym, and try to calculate the height using triangles but the car wreck was still there. The SADD activity staged a mock crash with police and paramedics and everything. It was eerie to watch. They did it to make an impression on us about what drunk driving on prom night can do. Thanks to that, I'm gonna worry about Kelly all friday since she's going there with Ron. She's lucky, too, since, being a sophomore, she couldn't go otherwise. (Is it just me or does that last sentence have too many commas?)

I updated the quiz page! Woot!


Find out what anime girl you are.
Woot! Update here. I posted, as you can see, another quiz. As far as news goes, I have off monday which is great. Also, I am just about ready to beat Venus Lighthouse. My party is around level 32 and I've got all the Djinn. I'm gonna wait until I've some peace and quiet. My brain is drained, so all I'm gonna say is "Check out this 1337 linkage." ^_^; Anyhoo, here it is... Banny and Lissa.

5/2/04 What Golden Sun Adept Are You?


Well, today I took the initiative and posted in the New Members forum of the Golden Sun Fanfiction Forum. I was pleasantly surprised by the responses. Several members said they had seen me around (the 'Who's On' section at the bottom of the main page) and had been wondering when I would post. Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, doncha know.

Today was sooooo hot. The weather thingy on AOL says the temp. here is around 77 degrees F. Yeesh! I can hardly imagine the torture that summer will be. I swear, I'm such a Mercury adept. :-P

I went cosmic bowling last night. It was from 10 until 1. My friend Samantha went with me. She doesn't go to OLSH and I hadn't seen her for a while, so this was a good chance for us to catch up with each other. Anyhoo, she arrived at my house at around 10:30, being late on account of going to see the musical at her school, NC. After that, it took us 20 minutes to get to the bowling alley because my mom had thought I meant a different one. Funny thing: My one friend Emily had called and asked us for directions to the bowling alley as well. Oops! Ha ha.

I've got a full night ahead of me, lots of reading planned. First off is Midnight C's The Legend Of Isaac: Ocarina Of The Sun, a Legend of Zelda parody with the Golden Sun crew. Then The Other Princess by Miss Piratess and the newest chapter of Dark Revelation's Harmonic Chaos. Following that, I'm going to catch up with Lady Ariande's The Destiny Child and, if I have time, I'll re-read False Facades by Maeven.

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Yeah, I was afraid Dad wouldn't let me stay up to read. Then I decided to do all I could to get on his good side. I made brownies and had them waiting when he came home. Then I talked with him about his day and had him pet the cats, who were uber-kawaii! After that I went back to reading and he starting watching TV. I went in a few times to watch with him. He had on SNL, which is Saturday Night Live for those of you who lead sheltered lives, and I watched a skit spoofing Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne, as well as another one spoofing Harry Potter with Lindsay Lohan as Hermione. Quite funny, if crude.


Meep. I stayed home yesterday. When I woke up, I could barely move. My stomach muscles were in sooo much pain I couldn't sit up and my arm and shoulder muscles made it difficult for me to move my arms. Combine these with the common cold and a ton of chemistry work and you have a recipe for a day off. x_x I slept most of the day and read for a while. Then I got quite a bit of my story for chemistry done. It wasn't such a bad day, but not one I'd like to repeat.

So, as for today, that went okay. Art first period was not fun at all, seeing as how I am not talented at drawing realistically. History was next and that was good. Mr. P. entertained us with his (un)funny jokes and 'interesting' taste in music. After that was debate which was boring and then lunch. None of my friends have first lunch, so I sat out in the courtyard like I did last day 3 and ate by myself, envying the three junior girls who also ate out there. They're the best of friends and you just can't help but wish you had friends like them. After lunch was tutoring in which I did 3 chem problems. Woot. Then came advisors, perhaps the best time of the week. Although Lisa-chan, as I have taken to calling her, wasn't there, Kelly and Christine were. We had fun talking about stuff in general. I was disappointed when it was over. Lastly was geometry. We went over our tests. I got a 105!!!!!! I had no idea. *faints with delight* That makes my average a 100%. *cheers* Then we played an SAT practice bonus game. My team came in second, but we still got an A. We each got a 96% on the assignment. I had Kelly, Adam, Donna, Nick, Lauren, and myself.


Urgh. That pretty much sums up my mood. Allow me to list the ways I ache. My shoulder muscles hurt from doing TWENTY pushups in gym and my knees ache from the running we had to do. My head aches from my visit to the eye doctor, lack of sleep, and stress. *whimpers*

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. My real topic today is..... Chemistry. It should die plz! I have a lab due tomorrow and a project due Friday! *hyperventilates* Yeesh. I'm so not ready for this. I want to be sick tomorrow so badly so I can just sleep and then do some uninterrupted work on stuff.


Pffft..... My dad is on my case again. Friday night he had a problem with my staying up to 2:30. My thought is 'You wouldn'ta known if you were asleep like most normal people!' Yeesh. Now he is saying I have to go to bed on time, be off the computer at 9:30, etc. Huh. If you ask me, my problem isn't the computer but my losing track of time when I am getting ready for bed. It's quite hard for me to stay on task. Another point is.... Ooh! A butterfly! *runs away chasing said 'fly and giggling happily.*



I found two interesting websites today. is a site for National Novel Writing Month, where people take the month of November to write a 50,000 word novel. Cool. I think I shall try that this year. Also found was a list of Role-Playing Game Cliches. They are hilarious and a good tool for fantasy writers.


Meep! Er, Draco is sorry for the delay in news posting. I haven't really had much I thought was worthwhile to say. Today, however, a blinding revelation hit me. I never had anything worthwhile to say! With my conscience thus assuaged, I loaded angelfire and started updating. Well, actually, I loaded angelfire to upload a pic to use as my avatar on RuneVillage.

Nice, isn't it? It is Jenna from Golden Sun. She's my third favourite character. The other two are Isaac and Mia. I'm a mudshipper at heart. I just love reading Golden Sun fanfiction. Triad Orion and Joker's Specter write some of the best I've ever read. Triad has some really long fluffy romance/adventure stories, while Joker writes a whole variety of shorter stuff.
So, what's new? Well, I got my GBA and I'm just finished with the Mercury Lighthouse. I think that after I finish the Golden Sun games, in other words, sometime next decade, I shall purchase Lunar Legends and Mario & Luigi for my GBA.


I'm re-reading Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones. Great book and great author. I think I shall add that and a few other things to the reviews page. Be sure to check it out. I'm going cosmic bowling next friday. OLSH's bowling team is sponsoring it. My friend Sam who goes to NC is coming. I haven't seen her in ages, so this will be good. Sometime soon I shall go to the movies. I want to see 13 Going On 30 and Ella Enchanted. They both seem like good movies. I really liked the book Ella Enchanted, but I heard that the movie is a bit different from it. Ah well. That is Hollywood for you, hm?


Er, yeah... I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY GBA! (This will be taken down if/when I find something better to put here.)


Well, I decided to blog aimlessly because was deciding to be EVIL! One of the stories I am following was updated earlier this week, but I had to wait the 6th to do all my reading. At 4:00 a.m. on the 7th, I decided to call it a night and go to bed. The only story I had left to read was a Poke'mon fanfic. Since it had been over two weeks since I last read it, I decided to start at the beginning instead of just reading the last two chapters to recap. I read the first and everything is fine. When I go to the next chapter, it gives me a nasty message about being busy! So, I decide to try the main page. I find a Golden Sun fic and I read the first chapter. Then, on the second chapter I get another nasty message! Argh! I feel sad.....


I was able to read that fic eventually. I also read some good Golden Sun fics and drew some really kewl chibi characters.


M'kay. Updates are now being done on the strict schedule of whenever I feel like it. Oh, and check out this neat-o quiz result.

What Golden Sun character would you be? (With pictures!)

brought to you by Quizilla

I am getting a GameBoy Advance for Easter, which is, to state the obvious, quite cool. I am back in to being obessed with Golden Sun. I plan to use my GBA to start a new game of GS and beat it, then play through and beat GS: The Lost Age, then I will join all of the other fans of the series in clamoring for a third game.


Well, with about a week left in the month, it is high time I started blogging for March! There's been a lot to keep me busy, so now I will have to fill you all in. First off, the musical last weekend and yesterday went incredibly well.