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Feb '04 Blog Archives


5 things I want.

Voice Lessons
Drum Lessons
Archery Lessons
Creative Writing Class
Programming Class
5 things I'm never gonna get.

See above

So, how is everyone doing? Uh huh, yeah, that is great. Okay, now on to me! We-ell, today the sophomore class watched a movie during periods 1-3. It was a whodunnit called In the Heat of the Night. It was set during the time of the civil rights movement, which is what we are studying in history, so that is why we watched it. We had gym later and I sat it out, per usual. :D K. can't take gym until March, so she sat out with me and helped me with geometry.

I just read Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. As you may know, a movie starring Lindsay Lohan is being made of this book. I read the book and it is quite good. Knowing Disney, they will botch it up, though.

Play practice is going quite well. I am also helping with the scenery, but because scenery painting goes on at the same time practice does, it is kind of hard to help out. The only things I did was some research for the set and I helped get four 7' pillars on to the elevator and up to the third floor. Later, at practice, I sat out because of my knee and watched everyone else do the Spanish Panic. I was laughing my _behind_ off. Half of the people don't know what they are doing and they look as though they are having some sort of seizure right up there on the stage. Then, the directors alternately nagged us about showing enthusiasm and not over-acting. '_- I muttered a suggestion about pumping nitrous oxide through the vents. >:D I really need some better smilies.


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Fear not, blog readers, I am back! And, I have a nice long rant to _whine_ about. (Whine... That's one word for it...) Anyhoo, on Friday my side/chest was hurting. It felt like a dagger was being driven into my ribs on the right side. Not fun. It hurt to breath, move, and laugh! Owch. Also, my knee appointment on friday was rescheduled! Grrr..... That is not cool. Luckily, it is on the 20th, next friday. My side still hurts. I was at my cousin's house last night and we read this hilarious Golden Sun fic. It was a parody. I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna die. :P


Today, there are some new superheroes on the block!
Fedora Girl

Hoagie Head the Ninja

Captain Kathleen

Chuckles the Bloated Monkey

The Ballet Brawler

The Equestrian Avenger

And her sidekick, Bucky Bronco


Today was not so bad. I have no school tomorrow so I will be up for a little while tonight. I am thinking about going to bed early, though. Maybe only 2 a.m. Or not. Dad just told me now, at 12:38, that I had to go to bed. Pfffft... I think I will watch the television in my room for a while. That'll show them. And look who is talking. Dad sometimes has to get up at 4 for work. He is the one who should go to bed. Ah, pay my rebellious mutterings no mind. I shall update later.


Awwww! I'm sorry! I know everyone was was in tears over the lack of witty updates. I've been really busy with my RuneScape Clan. (See link above) We have a lot of fun even though it is a small group. Er, anyhoo, I have off on wednesday. Just gotta get through tomorrow, me worst day. AR!


Woo! Bloggage! Whee! Anyhoo, I've been playing RuneScape a lot more now. Also, on Friday, all of these fictionpress stories updated, including two of my absolute favourites. Yay! Angel Moxie was updated as well. I just love webcomics. I went to the library and got a good book today. It is called East and it is by Edith Pattou. I highly recommend it. It is based on an old fairytale-ish story, but it is still good. ;)

By the way, I am posting quizzes with the bloggage again. 'Tis a happy day, here in the HeadQuarters.

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Today, I went to school. That was stupid of me. I did not have to go. Carlynton delayed, then closed at the last minute. Mom drove me. I can't write anymore; things are still too recent to talk about.


So, I had a fun time on RuneScape today. You can check out the new link at the top to learn more about it. Play practice was fun today. I wrote a good bit of a short story. It was horror, a genre I do not usually write in, but it was fun. I am also going to be assistant prop master in the musical. FUN! ^_^ Tomorrow is Day 3 in the school cycle. That is the best day. Only two classes and they are fun. Today in Spanish class, Mrs. A. played a love song in Spanish. She passed out sheets with the words on them and told us to sing along. M. took her words to heart and started belting out the lyrics in falsetto. The rest of us were practically wetting our pants. Then, the freshmen, who had been at an assembly, came in to pick up their bags. They were almost scared to come in. It was great.


Hallo! Pinch, punch, first of the month! Now where did I pick that up from. Never mind. Anyhoo, as you all can see, I managed to fix all the "boo boos" plaguing the page. Yay! The music is back, too. I just love that music. Speaking of music, I think I'll put up some other songs I like on a page somewhere.
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Your: Cool kitten. Your super cool, cute and
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