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2003's Bloggage

Here it is, all my daily bloggage from 2003. If you're bored enough, give it a read!


I'm sure you are all wondering where I was for the past few days. I have been sick since late evening on Christmas day. Blah. I have spent the past several days in bed playing Fire Emblem, reading my new books (Hexwood, The Homeward Bounders, and Fire and Hemlock), and watching television. I spent a whole lot of time watching Comedy Central's SNL marathon. That's Saturday Night Live, for the 5 or 6 of you who didn't know. I also indulged in my secret shame, namely, Kim Possible. Yes, I know that I have professed to be extremely, scarily, anti-Disney Channel, but I can't help it. I like Kim Possible.

You are Lyn.
You are Lyn, the young woman raised in the Sacae
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is understandable. You are a free spirit,
seeing much more value in a person's actions,
behaviors towards others, and demeanor than in
their status, title, or rank. This makes you
fair when summing up the character of a greater
or a lower power. You are a great listener, and that makes you an
excellent emotional support. Your mind is too
free to be trapped by doubt -- keep it that
way. You are wonderful as you are.

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So, I got $50 so far for Christmas. When I see my other relatives, I might get more! Not that I'm greedy, mind you, but I am excited. I have $25 in book certificates, and the other $25 is cold, hard cash. I think I'll get Fire Emblem for GBA. Something to take my mind off of the frustration of Golden Sun. ;) Will Turner
Will Turner

Pirates of the Caribbean - Which character are you?
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Wahoo! It is quite a happy day, here at Amy's house. She got quite a lot of nice gifts. Among them were:
-Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD
-Golden Sun: The Lost Age
-A Mini Backpack
-Cat Socks
-A Digital Watch
-A Big Ol' Box Of Candy
-A Mug With Hot Chocolate
-Wizard's First Rule (Hardcover)
-A Candle
-Another Candle
-A Dolphin KeyChain
-Tootsie Pops
-LifeSaver Gummies
-Chocolate Figures
-A Small Floor Rug With Stars And Moons
-A Bedset Matching Above Item
-Some Waffle-Like Cookies
Needless to say, I am quite happy. :D

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Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night! Hey, I get to take sports lessons! Yay! I am still not quite sure what sport to try, though. I was thinking archery. :D That would be cool; I could go all LOTR on anyone who ticked me off. Hah, just kidding. If I'm any good at archery, however, I could take up horseback riding again. Wheee!

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You are a freeform writer. Individualistic with a
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YOU ARE ... DITZY HEROINE! (Rikku from FFX [ff10])

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^What's up with that result? Heh.

Hoot! Hoot! You like to stay up late. 11P-1A is
where you like it. Unlike true late night
owls, you probably aren't up because you love
the nighttime. You probably dig Letterman and
Leno, and that's cool. But you're also probably
stuck in some sort of routine rut. Try shaking
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of us won't bite. Much.

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No updates today. I am wiped out. Whew. My pals and I all went around at 9:00 in the evening and sang Christmas carols. Yeah, I know, we are strange. So? Anyways, if I can't update over the next two days for some reason, have a Happy Christmas everyone!

You're chocolate. You're the old soul type, people
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By the way, anyone who knows me will see that the following quiz result is quite true of me. *leers evily at reader*

Your sign of frustration is....Violence!!!! You
don't care about settling problems/disputes
with words, for one swift punch in the face can
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Well, Christmas vacation starts tomorrow. We have a half day, and later I have a party. Don't worry, I'm gonna post what goes on here, because I know that this is the closest to real life for some people. Just kidding.

You're a traditional unicorn. Pure as a maiden's
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I stayed up until 5:00 last night! *groan* Maybe that wasn't such a good idea, seeing as how I had to get up in 4 hours. Ah, well. Anyhoo, I am bored. It is 1:00 in the afternoon and I am tired, but I can't sleep. It's too bright out. I'm hungry, but there is no food. My knees and my one elbow hurt. Poo. Did I write about my knees hurting yet? No? Okay. Here goes.
My knees started hurting around the end of October. After nearly a month, mom took me to the doctors. She said it was patello-femular something or other and gave an explanation that made me cringe. Something about my kneecaps sliding around. I didn't pay too much attention, as I was grossed out.So, I got a gym excuse and an elevator pass. Woohoo! Except for the whole being in terrible, blinding pain bit, this is pretty cool. I went back to the doctors, she said to continue doing my knee excersizes and to see her if it got any worse. I have an appointment for after the holidays. *sigh*


Wheee! We had our Christmas play last night and once today already. In about two hours, at 6:30, I'll head back to the school to put on the play for the last time. Cast party is tonight, as well. We'll go to Kings for a big buffet! Mmmm..... food...... Heh, I forgot to mention that our play is The Simpon's Family Christmas. It is quite funny.

Maggie Simpson
You are Maggie Simpson! Not many people know much
about you and your real personality is closley
hidden. You are creative and not afraid to be
an individual. If you want to do something, you
do it, and are resourceful and effective.

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Well, the play is over. It was great and I had a lot of fun. After our last performance, we all went to Kings for the buffet. I got a ride with this one sophmore I don't really know that well. Most of my closer friends arrived later, so I didn't sit with them. It was fun to observe popular people in their natural habitat, but after a half hour, I was bored. I wanted to sit with my pals, but they seemed to be having a good time and I didn't want to impose. I also wanted to talk to some of the guys sitting at the popular table with me, but I couldn't. I swear, I knew what I was going to say, and who I was going to say it to. I had even opened my mouth to say something, but I just couldn't. *sigh* I am quite sad about that. Maybe, just maybe, I am too shy. Hey! Stop laughing at me! *sniff* Now, I'm gonna cry! Oh, now you're sorry? Ah, fine, I forgive y'all. Just don't do it again. ;)
You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
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being around your boyfriend.

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So, I took the above quiz, and I just had to post it because it totally confused me. So, anyone that knows me, what do y'all think about that, hm? Heh, I can't even talk to a guy, as I said earlier. Ah, well. :P Later still.....

Wheeee! I just love nighttime. Daylight? Pfft. Forget it. Dawn and dusk? Close, but no cigar. Nighttime? Yeah, now that's the stuff. :) I like nighttime because no one else is ever around. As y'all know, I am an introverted person who likes to be by herself for the most part. On weekend nights, I can stay up as late as I want and read. Usually, I read stories on fiction press. If anyone is interested, try Harmonic Chaos, False Facades, and To Become A Suitable Heroine. Those three have to be my absolute fave stories on fictionpress. Also, you could try CHARN, but it hasn't been updated in, like, a year. At night is also the only time I will play Golden Sun. I'm on Venus LightHouse, and I've almost beaten the game. I hope I get the sequel for Christmas. Anyhoo, back to nighttime. It rocks. If ya ever wanna talk to me over AIM, then your best bet is to try at night. 12/19/08

If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll notice that I've added a guestbook. Please feel free to sign it. However, I am still working with it, so I may have to take it down and redo it.

Today, I had a two hour delay, but, funnily enough, it wasn't because of snow. The local public highschool was closed because of a heating problem and that stopped all the buses from that district. It's nearly 8:00 a.m. now. :D No Spanish!

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They posted the parts for the school muscial today. I got "ensemble". This, ladies and gentlemen, is proof of the drug problem at OLSH. Only someone on crack, or similar mind altering drugs, could concievably put me in ensemble. Before you think that I'm just disappointed (which I am,, but that's not important), let me tell you about my audition. First, we had to sing. I was crying and I only managed to sing about 12 measures before they stopped me. Next, there was dancing tryouts. I didn't even do this bit because my knee is hurting quite badly. Next time I'm bored, I'll type a long rant about that. So, I didn't do any dancing. Lastly, we did the one thing I was good at: acting. Actually, we had to read a monologue, but I am on the school's forensics team, so I did great on that bit. So, of course, after considering all of that, the directors but me in the singy/dancy group. This sucks. :(

Violent Drunk. "Are yoush looking at meee?" You may start off touch-feely, but you usually end
up offended for one reason or another. This
can lead to verbal arguments or all out fist

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12/18/03 - Again

One entry found for misanthrope.

Main Entry: mis·an·thrope
Pronunciation: 'mi-s&n-"thrOp
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek misanthrOpos hating mankind, from
misein to hate + anthrOpos human being
Date: 1683
: a person who hates or distrusts mankind

One entry found for unsociable.

Main Entry: un·so·cia·ble
Pronunciation: "&n-'sO-sh&-b&l
Function: adjective
Date: 1600
1 : having or showing a disinclination for social
2 : not conducive to sociability

Several people at my school have been wondering why I am not attending the Christmas Dance. ^ That reason enough for ya, guys?

Okay, I don't exactly hate people. It is just that most humans are morons. For instance, you tell someone to be quiet, and not 20 seconds later, they are shouting. @_@ Maybe it's just how teenagers are. Ugh, teens. Hate 'em. Especially cool ones. Nerds are okay to talk to, but cool people? Please, shoot me. *bang* OW! Dang kids! See what I have to deal with?

You're incredibly antisocial
You're incredibly antisocial.

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As you can see, this quiz says it all. And these things are always right, aren't they?


So, my current game obsession is Golden Sun. It's an RPG for the GameBoy Advance. Now, I don't own a GBA, sadly, but I have the next best thing: A GameBoy Player, for my GameCube, of course. This may explain why I am not going to the Christmas Dance, but I'll say nothing more on the subject. I'll write more at a later date.

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