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Saturday 3rd January 2004

Well folks, first attempt at recording was today, we failed dismally but all's good, we'll be trying again on Monday, until then download section is blank, sorry about that... Today, our first song was completed and a few parts put together for some new ones... No info on any gigs, so that is down too, but the bios are up, however the pics may take a while to load up... Pics page is still empty thanks to Chris not bringing his camera... And I wore my good clothes for fucking nothing... Oh well, this is us signing out for today...


Sunday 4th January 2004

Tis I once again, no news on the recording except Chris said that he got it to sound like it should, we tried yesterday, but we couldn't get my speakers to stop distorting, I don't know whether it was the input from our basses or my breakout box, but he took my shit to his place and it worked perfectly... So with this new knowledge, you can expect an mp3 on the site either Monday or Tuesday... The other plus about going to Chris' place is that he can't forget his camera, so we will have a few pics up hopefully at the same time... Chau for today (By the way, yes, Chau is a word... its SPANISH) Sorry I had to include that because Lyndsey tried to question my intelligence...


Monday 5th January 2004



Tuesday 6th January 2004

Well, it's official, Darklights first song has been recorded... That is after fucking 16 hours of straight recording... I havent slept in over 30 hours and beginning to feel pretty fucking shit, anyways, I hope to have the mp3 uploaded in a couple of days... (Angel At The Gates Of Hell - 7 mins, 128kbs, 6.04mb, mp3)

*note from Chris*   Today was spent Recording our new song inbetween Julians constant expoditions around the room hunting out all forms of bug life known to man...Musquito's were the main traget for the day! "It's just so much more rewarding killing one that's just bitten you! You get to see the blood spray!" qoutingting Julians mindless ramblings about mosquitoes    *end note* 



Wednesday 7th January 2004

Ok, Full mp3 has been put up and a few copies downloaded, pls, if you download the song, feel free to send me an e-mail with criticisms and or praises... Your opinion matters as this is a project for us... Cool, so everyone keep well and keep returning to the site, every few weeks we'll add a new full song and take the old ones off, so you gotta be quick with getting them cause they won't be there forever... Cheers, Julian


Wednesday 9th June 2004



Tuesday 22nd June 2004

Sorry about the page not being updated in a while, Chris and myself have been discussing recording some more stuff, this time perhaps with some guitar and maybe some vocals... We aren't 100% sure yet, but it ought to be good... I would just like to say, on behalf of both of us, thank you for your support in our project and that your opinion does matter...

By the way, I got a great quote off someone on mIRC, I told him it was a bass duet and that he could download our mp3 here, so off he went and downloaded Angel at The gates, next second, he pipes up, "Darklight blows, theres not even vocals and drums and shit" Well done genius, you've outdone society this time, you are our dunce of the week...