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Photo Gallery

The Pictures below are taken from the 2003/4 Coventry Charity Football Cup Final at Highfield Road

Special thanks Dave Gowers, Tony Swaidek, Sian Massey and Nigel Chilvers for allowing the pictures to be used.


"You mean to tell me you don't know my name by now Ref?"

Dave has to issue his first and only caution to dunlop midway through the first half

"Well you've upset me now"

Dave holds the card aloft as a warning to what will happen if you don't play nicely

... and the replay cleary shows

Nice one Sian, Marconi no 8 fractionally off-side and penalised for it by Sian Massey

"Level with me player"

Tony makes sure no one tries grabing those extra "couple" of yards

"Bloody board"

Nigel struggles with the technology

"I can do it, see"

Nigel doesn't let the technology get the better of him and proves that he take any dissent from the board

Well done guys

Tony, Sian and Nigel, collect there medals after officiating a game where no one could blame it on the officials