Temple of Poseidon at Cap Sounion
Poseidon is the God of the Sea. He is a very angry god, who makes earthquakes and floods to punish cities who do not obey him.
Poseidon is known for earthquakes, floods, asking for sacrifices, as well as raping women, including his own sister Demeter.
He sided with Troy and helped build the big wall to protect the city(not at will but as a punishment by Zeus).
He had many unusually children, like Pegasus, who was conceived by Medusa after they had some woopy at the Temple of Athena.
His other children included horses and the Cyclops.
Cap Sounion is the city we chose for Poseidon. Cap Sounion is not far from Athens(a city where Poseidon fail to claim his own when Athena beat him for it.)


Medusa and Poseidon made Pegasus
Cyclops is another one of Poseidon's son

Interior of the Temple

Poseidon's symbols are the trident and the dolphin. He is usually represented in art holding a trident.
Golden section

Interior Frieze

Space used in the times of Poseidon resembled Classical Greek Architecture. The Parthenon is a perfect example. From the elegantly simple yet refined Doric columns, to the elaborately beautiful images of sculpture (which were designed by the famous artist Phidias) that adorn the frieze, metopes, and pediments, this structure perfectly embodies the Classical Greek ideals of order, harmony, and balance.

On the first day of spring, Greeks sail out to sea and sacrifice horses by drowning them to honor Poseidon. Sailors relied on a pacified Poseidon for a safe voyage on the sea. When he was in a good mood, Poseidon created new lands in the water and a calm sea. In contrast, when he was in a bad mood, Poseidon would strike the ground with a trident and cause unruly springs and earthquakes, ship wrecks, and drownings.
If Poseidon wasn’t pleased with the amount of horses sacrificed he would unleash his terrible temper. Countless cities would be flooded. After the cities recovered Poseidon would let loose a sea monster for more terrible destruction. For the grand finale he would strike the ground with his huge trident that would cause a destructive earthquake throughout Greece.

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