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The Rap Battle

This night was amazing!! We collaborated with the rest of the hall and created something just short of a miracle. Half of the hall dressed up like hoodlums and we went into the darkness of the night down to the Minerals and Materials building. There is a shell in the side of the hill that is hard to get to because it's extremely steep. Essentially you can't see it when you walk past it because it's on the side of the building and embedded into the hill. There had to be 40 or 50 of us. Half of the people could hardly rhyme, but it didn't matter. The whole thing was hysterical. I did all the beet boxing. I have some mad skills. I didn't want to battle though because if I did I guarantee that a lot of people would have been offended. There were a couple of guys who could flow, but most of them were just screwing around. I'm sure that I could flow pretty hard. Maybe next time. There was break dancing as well. I did most of my beat boxing for that. At the end of it all we decided who won and the best three got their own seperate home made trophies.

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