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The New Crew

^ Alex is pretty awesome. I think that Pep Band Bret is a really lucky guy. Bret and Alex are dating. Sheís got a very unique personality and sheís really comforting. Iíve had a few talks with her during orientation week and she helped me to get through my pain. Her Dell computer is anything, but fun. Itís been giving her shit from day one. I messed around with it, but I canít do much with a machine that has a non-functioning display driver. The picture got all messed up. Oh wellÖHopefully she sends it in before the warranty runs out.

^ Gretchen is freakiní cute! She is single and she has a good voice. She auditioned for the choir the other night. I told her that she would make it and that she shouldnít be afraid to belt all of those notes out. They let her in all right. Her computer doesnít seem to have anything wrong with it, then again, she has a HP. Thatís the very same brand that I have. I havenít had any problems with mine yet. Weíre looking for a good nickname for her. She said that sheís NEVER had one so Summit House will put our heads together and make one up.

^ Jessica is a really sweet girl. I guess that I really reminded her of her best friend. She's opened up a bit to the rest of the hall over the past couple of weeks. She really likes Rosie the Riveter. It's cute. I haven't seen a whole lot of girls being passionate about anything up here except their studies. So I helped Jess out with her laptop and got her printer up and running. Fun stuff. I can only hope that we'll get along together for the whole year. The last thing that I would need is to be worried about her being angry with me, especially now that we're such good friends.

^ The Oz man is pretty sweet. I donít know a whole lot about him yet, but I do know that from the couple of days that Iíve hung out with him that he has an attractive personality. He has a lot of cool stuff to talk about. Most people do who come to Michigan Tech.

^ Brian a.k.a. (Pizza Brian) is such a laid back, heart-warming person. He makes me feel better when Iím in the same room as him. I went for a walk with him in the Houghton Cemetery the other night and we checked out the stars as the rain sprinkled upon our faces. We talked about all the shit that weíve been through and had a little bonding experience. We call him Pizza Brian right now because he makes the most delicious pizzas for everyone. He has a bread maker that he used to make the dough and he buys pizza sauce or steals it from the Campus Cafť. The cheese is usually taken from the cafeteria or itís bought from the store as well. Iím sure that weíll find a better nickname for him once things get going this year.

^ Mike is Jersey Joeís roommate and they are similar in ways, but in other ways they have clashing personalities. I love it. Mike likes to go down to the lounge and play pool a lot. Heís got his computer rigged up to a TV so he has two monitors. Iíd do that with mine, but my TV is across the room. So Mike seems to be a really sweet person too. I can tell that when I get free time Iíll be hanginí out with him Jersey and Darryl.

^ Darryl is from the Virgin Islands. He macks on all the ladies there and even some here. He has a gangsta personality and enjoys listening to all the same rap that I have. Heís got a shit ton of G-Unit gear that he wears a lot. I let him use my computer during orientation so that he could keep in touch with his girlfriend. I could understand how he felt because Iím away from my girl as well.

^ Zach is probably the biggest Halo fan on the floor. He owns all things Halo. He has Red Vs. Blue shirts and he owns the Halo Xbox. Itís pretty sweet. I havenít played with him yet cause I havenít had time yet, but I bet that he plays like a God. There are others on the floor who are gamers. I have yet to play a game on my Xbox since I got back. Iíve played a movie on it during orientation week. Zach has a girlfriend too. He was lucky enough to bring his up here with him so that she could see him for a while before they had to separate. That lucky bastard!

^ Andy is nice to have around. Too bad that he never is. He's always busy with something. He's busy with a lovely lady friend in this picture. I guess she's from Wads.

^ Bill is freakin' SWEET! He's got a different personality. I don't know a whole lot about him just yet, but I sure would like to. He lives waaaaay down on the other end of the hall so I don't see him too much. When I paid him a visit during orientation week he was sitting in the dark all by himself and listening to music. That's something that we have in commmon. I do that a lot. He's showing me his vampire face in this photo.

^ Dan is notoriously known for his loud room. He has surround sound and there are always a lot of people in there. He has lots of lady friends that like to hang out with him and his roommates. It's cute though. So Dan is the man if you want to leech off from his internet. I went in there the other day and there were a couple of people who don't live in the room using his wireless router for there own pleasure. Dan and I have been hangin' out lately and I've learned a few more things about him.

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