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Over this summer I was trying to race time. During the process of working and sleeping and visiting friends and family I had a phenomenal thing happen to me. Brooke Marie Warner fell in love with me at work. She is more amazing then anything that I’ve ever come across on this planet. Words can’t describe how unbelievably awesome she is. She is brilliant and funny. Sooooo cute… I told her that she had to be strong for me when I left for college because I don’t like to worry about her. I love her so much. I know that I can be strong for her. She has made me into a better person. I thought that I was unbreakable before, but now my strength is commendable. Our anniversary is the 4th of July. Pretty sweet. Fireworks every year. We’ve only been together for a month and a half now and she is young. She’s still in high school. Everyone thinks that this won’t last, but I’m more then willing to prove them wrong.

I just want her to know that I'll never stop loving her and that I would never look for anyone else except for her...

There are so many things that can be used to describe this one word that means so much more then just four little letters of a twenty-six-letter alphabet. LOVE… What is love? Love is the feeling that you get when you are with the person of your dreams. The one. The person who can make all the negative horrible possessions of memory that you have go away when you’re with them. This person will bring about instant feelings of joy and ecstasy. The most delicate thing in the world will be your impenetrable fortress. You’ll feel unstoppable when they’re around and together you will be the only lights glowing in a world of darkness. When everything fades to black this person will bring the color back into your life. Vibrant extremes of the most intense color pallet will be used to reestablish the canvas that you call your life. As one might say, “Rainbows will shoot out of your ass.”

The mere thought of this person will make your heart fill with glee. Ah the phenomenon of the heart. One might say that the heart is but a mere muscle pumping and transferring the blue liquid that brings us to life. However, some use the heart as a metaphorical representation for the feelings that they share with their loved one. Give your heart to your lover and they will take better care of it then you do. Your hearts will bleed together and the beats will grow fast for one another as they pump and flow simultaneously. Certain institutions such as thoughts from the mind will be connected in a form of unexplainable telepathy. The silence that is shared while these two people are in each other’s presence reflects the love that they allocate toward each other. Nothing needs to be said at all. A noiseless room implies that the two don’t need to speak in order to feel the best that they’ve ever felt in their entire lives.

Love can be compared to a roller coaster. Though love has its ups and downs there are few and far between middle areas. Either the love is there or it’s not. It will make you feel the best that you ever have and at that same instant it can be taken away from under your unsuspecting feet. Love can make it possible to feel the worst that you have ever felt in your whole life. When you feel that you have lost your love there is nothing you can do, but sit back and cower in horror as the spikes are driven at a snail's pace into your bleeding heart. Pain is a necessity that comes with love. What goes up must come down. I can only hope that I will never have to feel that horrible pain again.

I love you Brooklyn. I’d tell you that I love you with the last breath that I have to breathe, but you’d take it away. Your love struck me like a freight train as I stood there on the tracks waiting impatiently for it to make contact. This distance that separates us is a mere obstacle that is overlooked with eagerness and enthusiasm. We’ll be together again someday and I’ll be with you taking in every moment much like the bottom of a waterfall taking in every drop of water to refill its emptiness.

So we are pretty much broken up now. I've spoke to her about everything and we are both going to be all right. Eventually that is... I'm still going to be her best friend. The only thing that I can hope for is that she will want to be mine. I told her that I still loved her and that I always will.

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