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This was the crazy view from Matt's girlfriends house. My friend Matt Karnes took me to K-Day, but we stopped off at his girlfriends house in Handcock to pick her up. The road that is in the picture is the college strip. All of the stores that we go to are on it. Wal-Mart, the mall, Shop Ko., and all of the sweet food places, like Taco Bell. Handcock is located waaaaay up on the hill. I was a little nervous when we drove up the hills to get there. The incline was like 60 degrees.

Over the summer I told my girlfriend and her friends when we were in a boat on the water that I missed the water. They were like, "You're in it!?!" I told them afterward that I didn't feel like explaining what I meant. It was my last day that I would be able to hang out with them all together and I knew that if I said what I meant that I would make my girlfriend feel really sad. I did miss the water though. Now you can see what I mean. At the park the water is amazing! It makes me feel so comforted to know that whenever I want to gaze into something amazing all I have to do is look out the window.

The first band that it pictured was pretty damn good. The black guy was the lead singer and he sounded awesome. The instrumentals were nice, but hey needed a little work. That band did a good cover of a Sublime song. The band on the right sucked hardcore. They couldn't manage to get all of their shit together and they had never played for a large audience before so yeah... Needs more work.

K-Day was pretty much the same shit on a different day of the year. It was nearly identical to last year only this year they had a better stage with better weather and a slew of sucky bands playing as oppose to a couple good ones. I didn't take a lot of pics this year because everything was pretty much the same. There was the same food cabin and drink statiion setup. There were a bunch of organizations and clubs that had a whole mess of tables and performances set up. It was exactly the same with a couple of changes. For example, there was an obstacle race corse. It was ridiculous. I got to watch my roommate from last year take on Bret. He lost miserably, but he put up a good effort. The jousting American Gladiator Moon Walk wasn't there last year either. That was pretty sweet. I got to watch a bunch of people from my floor have battles, but I didn't get pictures because I put my camera away. It's always more fun to watch things then to worry about taking pictures all the time. The snow hill was REALLY crappy this year. The snow melted so fast. It was cold during the begining of the day, but once everything at K-Day started up it got REALLY HOT!! I had to take off my hoodie and ditch all the stuff that I was carrying in Matt's truck. I wish that I would have left my shorts on that morning. I changed because it was only 50 degrees out. Damn U.P. weather!!

I only took a couple of pictures of my friends. Like I said I had to ditch my camera. I got a pic of T.O. and Josh doin' their thing and then I got a good one of Darryl and Tony. Darryl such a punk. He thinks that he's a gangsta. I couldn't help but get a picture of Disel's brother Tom. He's crazy. I love how freakin' tall he is. There was this dude at one of the booths and he was all creamed up so I decided to get a pic of him too. He was covered as you can see. $1 per throw.

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