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Why waste your money on fantasy chips, when you can own the real deal. These are authentic Bud Jones Casino poker chips made right here in the U.S.A. The chips were played in a real casino in Canada. Most casinos use Paulson and Chipco chips to save money on costs because Bud Jones chips cost more to make. How many Bud Jones sets do you see anymore? Why own Paulson chips that aren't nearly as rare. You may NEVER see a set like this again. There are just not as many Bud Jones chips out there compared to Paulson, Chipco, and other newer companies. Bud Jones, as well as Paulson, have been absorbed by a larger company. They do not provide chips to the public anymore. So own something that will surely become a collector's item. Casinos are now also forced to destroy their old chips if they go out of business or decide to update them. Everyone who has these chips are holding on to them. This may be your last chance to own authentic Bud Jones chips. This set is perfect for 6-8 players. The chip racks shown are also included.

Check my 100% feedback and bid with confidence.

Now the technical stuff...
Serious bidders only. No Bidders with zero or negative feedback. Those bids will be cancelled immediately. One exception, those of you with zero feedback who are seriously interested must email me with your name and phone number, so I can verify your intent. I only take paypal via bank transfer. You must contact me within 24 hours and pay within 72 hours or I will sell to next highest bidder. For those of you that don't have paypal, sign up! its free. For those of you that must pay with a credit card, I will have to charge you the 3% paypal fee that I will get charged. Will ship out next business day via ups ground for $40.