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500 Authentic and Obsolete Bud Jones Chips from the Maxamillion Casino Cruise Line in NYC

You may never see a set like this again. As you may already know, chipmakers are no longer selling chips to the public and forcing the destruction of chips of any casinos that close down. Whatever is out there now, is all there will be. Invest in one of the rarest sets you will find.

Why should you buy these instead of the countless other sets out there?

So...Bid away and Good Luck to all of you. Just some advice, buy-it-now if you can. They are definitely worth it. Don't take a chance and see it end with someone else sniping you. If you are the winner and plan to play with them, I suggest purchasing a quality casino table with padded felt and an armrail to protect your investment.

If for some reason my starting price isn't met, I will not relist these chips. I will then sell them one at a time on my website (which is almost up and running). Do not miss this opportunity to have this set for a fraction of what it would cost later.

Buy it Now, and I will throw in an extremely rare $500 chip (pictured below). Offer available with Buy-it-Now only.

Now the technical stuff...
Serious bidders only. No Bidders with zero or negative feedback. Those bids will be cancelled immediately. One exception, those of you with zero feedback who are seriously interested must email me with your name and phone number, so I can verify your intent. I only take paypal via bank transfer. You must contact me within 24 hours and pay within 72 hours or I will sell to next highest bidder. For those of you that don't have paypal, sign up! its free. For those of you that must pay with a credit card, I will have to charge you the 3% paypal fee that I will get charged. Will ship out next business day via ups ground for $40.