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My Life Blog
Thu, Sep 15 2005
Did I mention I hate Stupid People?
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: True - Ryan Cabrera
Topic: Blog
Did I mention I hate stupid people? Especially FRESHMEN! They are so dumb, and don't know how high school works. Thats not their fault, but not learning quick enough is.

Posted by psy/cho221 at 1:27 PM CDT
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Tue, May 24 2005
Dumb Friends
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: Dumb & Dumber
Topic: Blog
My friends are so dumb! I was trying to do my english work, and they kept messing me up! Then one of them cracked my finger. Then the other one called me a 'Tart-Head'. Real mature, aren't they? No. But, it is not their fault they have faulty genes. I just pray they don't have kids!

Posted by psy/cho221 at 8:57 AM CDT
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Wed, Mar 9 2005
School Is Dumb
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Blog
School is dumb. The people in it are dumb. Why do we have to waste 25% of our life doing this? Is it really worth it? But will it ever change? No, because it would be a huge change and there are so many dumb people that like school just because it is something to do. And, no one would be able to institute a better option. So from now untill the end of time, intelligent human beings must be subjected to the torture of Trigonometry.

Posted by psy/cho221 at 6:53 AM CST
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Wed, Jan 12 2005
My First Blog!
Mood:  lazy
Topic: Blog
My First Blog! I am so excited. I'm new at this, so don't knock me if I'm not so good. I hope you enjoy reading these as much fun as I have writing them! Beware, I like exclamation marks! :-) and smiley faces! ;-) P.S. Watch out for the hungry turtles!

Posted by psy/cho221 at 3:49 PM CST
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