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Welcome to Rattenburg Rattery!

NOTICE: (10/02/08) Hoping to restart the rattery with all new stock!

The goal of Rattenburg Rattery is to breed for great temperment and health in beautiful rats. I'm located in Bellefonte, PA, in the Centre County area of Central Pennsylvania. I'm currently looking for rats to restart my lines.

Contact me at for more information.

Note: Siamese rats were initially bred by scientists for intelligence and human friendliness. Unfortunately, that friendliness doesn't always extend to other members of their species. Siamese females usually do better with larger or older female/neutered male cage mates.

True hairless rats (not including double rex 'hairless') are prone to eye infections along with increased chances of respiratory infections, so please, if you find your rattie sneezing (furry or hairless) with red around its eyes or nose, or if you notice any abnormalities in your hairless rat's eye(s) please contact your veterinarian immediately for proper medical treatment.

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Last Update: 10/04/08

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