Pros and Cons of Chinchillas

Chinchillas can be a very rewarding pet. I personally would not give mine up for anything. However, the little puffballs do indeed have some drawbacks.

  • PRO: Chinchillas are nocturnal, so a school or work schedule would not interfere with the amount of attention you could give your chinchilla.
  • CON: Chinchillas are nocturnal, so they make noise all night long. If this is the case, move the chinchilla out of the bedroom.
  • PRO: You can work around a school schedule to play with them.
  • CON: You still have to let them out for an hour of playtime every night.
  • PRO: Chinchillas can be tamed enough to run around a chin-proofed room while being supervised.
  • CON: Chinchilla-proofing a room can be difficult, and it can involve a lot of time that can sometimes be hard to find. There are wires to cover/hide, and there are little holes to cover up so your chinchilla does not get lost. Always, always, always be sure that the toilet lid is down if your chinchilla room is the bathroom. Even if the chinchilla does not drown in the water, it can get a nasty fungus that is not cheaply cured.
  • Pro: You don't have to take a chinchilla to the vet for checkups; you only have to take them if there is something wrong.
  • CON: Chinchilla vet bills can get expensive fast.
  • PRO: Chinchillas like to have friends, because they are very social creatures; you can have two or more fuzzles together.
  • CON: Sometimes, it is hard to get two chinchillas together, and you may have to go through a long process of introducing the chinchillas
  • PRO: It is impossible for chinchillas to get fleas because each hair folicle has about fifty hairs in it.
  • CON: Exotic vets. These can be hard to find, depending on where you are located. If you are lucky, your current veterinarian or closest vet may do some exotic side work and have an idea on how to "fix" sick chinchillas. You will just have to call around.
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