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Fatum Est

One boring night shortly after Valentine's Day 2004, I was online researching this and that and decided to pop into AOL's "Haunted House", the only chatroom I've been known to go into. As I was reading some of the conversations going on, I noticed someone saying he had visited the Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee. Curious, I asked him asked what it was like, his detailed reply..."It was wet". During our first conversation, we found we had many things in common, a love of reading, interest in all things spooky, a common dream, a love for people, a love of poetry (he is a brilliant poet!) and a sense of comfort with each other that has continued to this day. I realized this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and as time went on, the witty Lonely Poet from Pennsylvania was to become not only my bestfriend but the love of my life!