Blind to the Molesting Hands

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This book is dedicated to anyone who has been used, abused and misunderstood, and had no one to turn to in their hour of need.


First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge Jon Reynolds. If I hadnít known him, I would never have had the life experiences necessary to write this book.

I would like to acknowledge the town libraries in Basingstoke, Reading, Bracknell and Elgin. Before I could ever even begin to tackle such a project, I had to first read literally volumes of literature on psychology, health, crime, biographies and autobiographies.

I worked very briefly in Reading Borough Council Social Services Child Protection Unit and was pleased to learn that peopleís attitudes about children have changed considerably since the 1960ís when I was an unwanted child, growing up in rural Arkansas. I feel that all organisations that have been set up for the protection and welfare of children need special acknowledgement. These units work to protect children from abuse and neglect, and hopefully help to alleviate what seems to be the never-ending cycle of abuse in our families today. It is important to remember that abused children quite often grow up to be abusive adults if they are not given the support and help that is necessary to heal the wounds within and without.

And finally, there are many people who have given me the insight necessary to approach such a work. Some of those individuals didnít necessarily help me per se, but stood back and didnít hinder me along my way, which in itself, was a great act of kindness, generosity and above all, tolerance.