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By: Krystal Love

Copyright 2002

About Krystal Love

I was born January 30, 1961 at 5.11pm in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have an identical twin sister who was born about 5 minutes before me. I am an Aquarian with a Leo Moon and Ascendant, giving me many magnanimous qualities not necessarily attributed to the friendly Water Bearer. In addition, my Venus is exalted by sign and degree in the sign of Pisces, which predisposes me to at least a touch of unrealism when it comes to that which I desire. My Uranus is in Aquarius, and is in mutual reception with my Sun. This indicates that my Sun quite often my Uranus and my Uranus quite often acts like my Sun, and as a consequence I have had to make many decisions that necessiated many changes to my life.

I left Little Rock at 18 years old to join the United States Air Force, and this is where I received most of my training in and out of the classroom. I was trained as a Wideband Maintenance Technician and went to Texas, Mississippi, the Azores, Florida, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom with the military. While in the military, I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Studies, as well as qualifications as a communications-electronics technician.

I eventually settled in England, which is where I have decided to make my home.

I am currently studying for my Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) exams.

I have been published in magazines in America and England, to include Today’s Astrologer, Prediction Magazine and American Astrologer.

I am a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

The other publications are:-

The Tarot Companion, 2000, Llewellyn Publications
House Rules, 2001, American Federation of Astrologers
Blind to the Molesting Hands, 2002, Janus Publishing
Stolen From My Bosom, 2004, Janus Publishing