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Services and Facilities



 Under the Education Committee’s policy, children in attendance at schools under the management of the Council are entitled to free school meals if their parents are in receipt of Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance from the Department of Social Security.  Children attending certain special schools where eating skills and the midday meal are part of the educational programme also receive free meals.  No other children are eligible for free school meals.

Those parents who pay for school meals may do so on a daily basis, but it would be of

assistance to the school if the meals were paid for on a Monday for the whole week. 

Free milk will be available to children in nursery and primary schools and to children of primary school age in special schools if their parents are in receipt of Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance.  It will be available to all other children in nursery and primary education at favourable prices. Arrangements for paying for the milk will be intimated at the appropriate time.

Free fruit is available for P1&P2 children three days a week.



The school now runs a Breakfast Club from 8.15 – 8.45am.  At present the cost is 30p per day, but this will be reviewed from time to time.  Children are offered cereal, toast fruit juice and tea.  We can accommodate 20 children.  If we go beyond that number a waiting list will be established.  When the children have had their breakfast they will go out to play unless it is inclement weather when they will be supervised indoors.



 Children carrying packed lunches will be accommodated in the dinner hall.

 Pupils taking packed lunches or school meals MUST remain within the school grounds at lunchtime.



 On wet days the children are allowed to remain indoors, but this causes a supervisory problem during the breaks.  At lunchtime parents are asked to help reduce the problem by sending the children who have gone home for lunch, back to school as near to 1.15 pm as possible.  During playtime and lunchtime those children who do remain in school must behave or they will have to go outside in the wet.



 If a child has to leave school during school hours, a letter must be sent to school and the child collected.  Children cannot be allowed out during school hours unsupervised.  This includes medical appointments.


 Parents are always sent permission slips before any child goes on an outing involving transport.  Each slip requires to be returned to school bearing a parental signature. 

The slip informs you of the location and cost of the outing. Outings are usually a special part of a project and carefully planned.  We try to keep costs to a minimum, the school assisting with most of the outlay, but we also have to ask you for some contribution towards it


No child may be photographed unless permission has been granted by the parent.  This is to ensure safety precautions for your child.  You will be asked to complete a form accordingly.


 When school books are sent home, we expect children to treat them with care and respect.  Books nowadays cost a great deal of money as do jotters and other school property.  Nobody can help having an accident, but a charge will be made for excessive damage or loss.



A Lunchtime Book Club is held each day where children can purchase books at affordable prices. This is done in order to encourage an enjoyment of books.


          PARENT’S ROOM 

Blackburn Primary has recently opened a Parents' Room, for any parent to use. Please contact the school for opening times. There are facilities for parents to bring along toddlers e.g. toys for little ones, a couple of high chairs. Coffee/tea is available and it may be that you simply want to have a chat over a "cuppa" and catch up with friends. We hope, however, you will also use the room in a learning capacity. There are story and number sacks for you take home and read and play with your child, there is a computer which you may use to view educational programmes, there are games to play, and on occasions it is hoped that a member of staff may be free to come and sit with you, chat to you about anything to do with school or simply get to know you. Science boxes are being developed.  There is also equipment available for making things e.g. a sewing machine, ironing board etc. It may be that some of you are clever with a needle or in practical ways and could help make costumes for example for a school concert or for the Gala Day.
This is something new for all of us, and we will learn as we go along. Any suggestions you may have for the room would be gratefully received and where possible acted upon. We want you to feel it is your room as much as ours and that we can work together accordingly.