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Health and Safety



 Security measures are in place at the pupils’ entrances and front door.  All parents are asked to support these by not coming in to school unless for a specific reason.  Parents wishing to collect their children are asked to wait outside at the school doors or at the playground gates.  If you do have to come in you MUST report to the office.  It is essential we know at all times  who is in the building.  It is a sad reflection on today’s society that we have to be like this but the safety and security of pupils and staff is paramount.

  Pupils should enter the school by the pedestrian access in Yule Place or

 Riddochhill Road (West Gate).  For safety reasons, no pupil should enter by

 the main door in Riddochhill Road as this is a very busy vehicular access.



It is essential that we have the name, address and telephone number of a

relative or neighbour whom we can contact in case of accident or illness.

Please ensure that our records are kept up to date by notifying the school

of any change of address or telephone number of the emergency contact.



  When pupils are at school, the responsibility for their safety rests with the

  Council, Headteacher and Staff including playground supervisors,

  to undertake this responsibility on behalf of the Council.  This

  means that reasonable steps should be taken to prevent any pupil suffering

  injury and to ensure that accidents or difficulties can be reported to a

  responsible adult and appropriate action taken.

We now have Playground Buddies from the upper school who help look after the younger children in the playground.




There is a box of games which may be taken out to the playground to use with the games that have been painted on the playground .  These have been purchased in order to give the children something to do whilst outside, and to encourage them to play some of the traditional games e.g. skipping, hopscotch.



 Applications for admission to all West Lothian Council infant/primary schools

 at all stages (P1-P7) are made by completion of the “West Lothian Council

 Infant/Primary School Form”.

 Application forms can be collected from the school and completed with

 assistance from school staff or by reference to guidance notes.

 Forms are also available from :

            Pupil Placement Section

              Education Services

            Lindsay House

            South Bridge Street


            West Lothian  EH48 ITS

            Telephone :01506 776002



 If a child has an accident or feels unwell whilst at school, every efforts is

 made to get in touch with the parent.  If the parent cannot be contacted,

 then we approach the emergency contact, whose name you gave the school

 when enrolling your child.  For that reason , therefore, please ensure that our

 records are kept up to date.

 If neither person can be contacted and the nature of the injury or accident is serious, we would take the child to the surgery and/or hospital, where again every effort would be made to reach you.

Should your child require medicine during the school day you must inform

us in writing.  If your child requires medicine on a regular basis e.g. an

inhaler, a form must be completed by you and your doctor.  The form is

available from school and will be kept in school as a record.


Children’s well being depends on meeting their emotional, physical and intellectual needs.  Children do better at school when they are both healthy and happy.  We in the School Health Service are here to help children achieve their full potential  Every school in West Lothian has named School doctor and a fully qualified School Nurse with relevant training to meet the needs of the child. The Nurse and Doctor visit the school regularly.


What do we do?


Ø      We work as part of the integrated community school multidisciplinary team along with other agencies promoting children’s welfare.  We are working closely with schools to encourage and assist them becoming new Health Promoting Schools.

Ø      In Primary One, Primary Seven and Secondary 2/3 you will be sent a Health Questionnaire to complete to alert us to any concerns you may have about him/her.

Ø      Children with health related problems will be offered an appointment with the School Nurse or Doctor.

Ø      Children can also be offered an appointment at the request of parents, school staff or other health professionals.

Ø      The School Nurse is also involved in Health Education classes and events at your child’s school.

Ø      We provide advice on health issues to parents, teachers, children and where

     appropriate assist in planning the curriculum for Health education.

Primary Schools :

 In Primary One all parents will be offered an appointment to attend with their child for a health and development check by the School Nurse.

In Primary Seven your child’s health will be reviewed before moving to secondary school.

Children with health related problems will be reviewed at regular intervals by the School Nurse or Doctor.


From the age of 12 years, pupils are offered testing for resistance to Tuberculosis and immunisations (BCG) when required.

From the age of fourteen years, pupils are offered booster immunisation against Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio if their GP ahs not already done these.


How to contact us?

 The School Nurse and Doctor are based in:-


        Community Child Health

St Johns Hospital

Howden Road West


EH54 6PP

 Telephone:- 01506 419666 – Ext:-4147/4212

At any time, parents and pupils can ask to meet with the school Nurse or Doctor to discuss health or personal problems.


HEAD LICE:- It is vital that all parents check their children’s hair regularly in case of an infection of lice.  The school has been advised that letters no longer be issued when an outbreak occurs.



Any enquiries concerning the provision of DENTAL SERVICES should be made to the  :

         Director of the Community Dental Service

         Lothian Trust

         16 Duncan Street


         EH9  1SR  (0131 667 7114)


        We hope the School Health Service can, together with yourselves, contribute to your child’s overall well-being and development.  Please do not hesitate to arrange through the Headteacher to see the  school doctor, school nurse or the health visitor if you want more information.