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Dress and Behaviour


School Uniform consists of :


                        Boys                                                    Girls

                     Trousers  -  Black/Grey              Skirt  -  Black/Grey

                     Polo Shirt - White/Red               Polo Shirt - White/Red

                     Sweatshirt - Red P1 - P6            Sweatshirt - Red P1 - P6

                                       Black - P7                                Black -P7                                  

                    Black shoes (not trainers)            Black shoes (not trainers)

                         Fleece                                                  Fleece

Fleeces, Sweatshirts and Polo Shirts can be ordered in school and should be paid  for at the same time as placing the order.

Council Policy is now that children should follow the school dress code.

 Wearing of football strips is banned.     

 All items of clothing must be named in case of loss or confusion over similar things e.g. “wellie boots”.


 The Authority operates a scheme of provision to ensure that a  pupil is sufficiently and suitably clad to take full advantage of the education provided.  Families in receipt of Income Support or Job Seeker’s Allowance will automatically qualify for such a scheme.  Other cases will be determined according to the personal circumstances of the family.  Parents who wish to apply for the scheme should complete an application form which is available from this school or Lindsay House South Bridge Street Bathgate  EH48 ITS.  Contact Number 776001.


 Parents are responsible for ensuring their child attends school on a

 regular basis.  If unsatisfactory attendance occurs the Headteacher

 will ask the Educational Welfare Officer to visit the home and discuss

 the problem with the parents.  The case can also be referred to the

 local Area Attendance Advisory Panel.  This Panel has powers to

 carry out the statutory responsibilities of the Council with regard

 to defaulting parents.


 When a child is absent from school due to an illness or any other

 reason parents are requested to give the child a note of explanation

 on his/her return.  If the absence is going to be for any length of time,

 please write or phone to inform the school.  In these cases, if you feel

 your child is able, we would be happy to supply some suitable homework.

 Absences after lunch must be reported to the school to save an

 unnecessary search.

 Holidays -


Leave of absence up to a maximum of two weeks per school session can be granted provided the attendance of the pupil is satisfactory.  A letter should be sent to the Head Teacher to apply for leave of absence.  Leave of absence beyond two weeks will be refused unless the reason for it is exceptional.  The school will not be expected to provide work for a pupil going on a term-time holiday. The above is a Council Policy and has been put in place because of the concern expressed about the loss of education time for pupils when family holidays are arranged during term-time.


 Children should be at school for the required time but should you sleep in, we would rather your child came to school late than not at all.


We would hope and expect that at all times pupils maintain a high standard of behaviour, courtesy and good manners.  Parents will receive a copy of a Behaviour Leaflet issued by all the schools in the Bathgate area.  Parents will also receive a copy of our Anti-Bullying Policy.


In the majority of cases pupils at the school are mannerly and well-behaved.  We feel that they can be overlooked and only those children who misbehave receive attention.  Because of this we have introduced a system of rewards and certificates so that the children who work and behave well can be recognised.

Minor breaches of discipline will be dealt with by the class teacher. Other sanctions which can be used include punishment exercises, withdrawal of privileges, verbal warning from the Headteacher and a letter home to inform the parent and/or to invite the parent to school to discuss the problem.  In extreme cases of persistent and serious offences a child may be excluded from school until a satisfactory arrangement can be reached between home and school.

 Parents may also be asked to school to supervise their child in the                                  classroom or playground in cases where children continue to breach school discipline.