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Born to Lose, Destined to Fail, Bound for the Floor:
The Autobiography of John Doe

by Benjamin Calvin Brown

ISBN Number: 1-4137-4016-2


Available: December 4, 2004

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This is the Autobiography of John Doe. Iíve had a difficult life, but itís not about how hard it was, but what I can make from it. I live by my theories of ďEnvironmentĒ and ďFate Equals Love.Ē I follow the motto that ďLife is what has happened, chance is what is, and dream is what is to be.Ē Could you ever understand? Would you want to? Take a step inside, test the waters, and see if you can find a purpose. Iíve lived my life with mental illness caused by years of abuse and neglect. But, in order to survive the bad, Iíve had to take a step back and see the good, focus on it, and persevere. And here is how I did it...

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