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Sigarim     The Martial Goddess, Defender of Leaves, Reclaimer
  Intermediate Deity;
  Symbol: Hand straight up with the outside edge pointing forward
  Home Plane: Feilds of Bayvek
  Alignment: LN
  Portfolio: Order, Wrath, Neutrality amongst all else, Justice (natural justice), the shade and the darkness as well as summer, crops, and growth
  Worshippers: Sentient Plant-types, Druids, Sentinels, Farmers
  Cleric Alignments: LN, NN
  Domains: Animal/Beastmaster*, Law, Plant, Summer, Wrath
  Divines: Anobolis*
  Favored Weapon: Brandistock
She is the militant druidess of the Gods, the lady of summers growth, and the great surveyor of good and evil in the universe. While a goddess of many things, she receives relitivley few worshippers. Even the Marasine and Dralmon has a softer sides then Sigarim. She has tried to gain influence over Falsarra countless times, see the child goddess has a natural extension of her own being (and continuously failing).
  Cleric Training:
  Clergy and Temples:
  Herald and Allies: