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On September 13, 2002, my first child was killed.  

He was 8.8 weeks old and never had a chance to be born.  I loved him and wanted him, and had tried for months to conceive him.  He was my miracle, the child I was told I may never conceive.  But on that day, after we both we failed by the medical system and deceived by society, my son was killed by an abortionist.

From that moment, at 12:05 PM, my life has been irrevocably changed.  Some people will have you believe that abortion doesn't hurt women, that fetuses are just a cluster of cells or a blob of unfeeling tissue, and that terminating a pregnancy allows you to go on with your life or that it is a good option.  

I'm here to tell you the truth.  

I have never publicly told my story, but I feel that it is both timely and necessary.  If you are post-abortive, considering abortion or just trying to educate yourself on the issue, I welcome you to read my story and browse the crisis pregnancy and post-abortive healing links I have provided.

My Story

Crisis Pregnancy Links

Post-Abortive Help and Healing Links