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Malloy Moon Bay Journal
Thursday, 25 March 2004
Away we go
Okay so Aeryn wasn't so keen on keeping a journal about our trip to Moon Bay, but I never listen to her anyway, so what harm can it do?

We just got back from that hole-in-the-wall town in Upstate New York, Becca had mentioned that Mom left us something in a safety deposit box, or something like that. Now that Becca's gone too, we figured we might as well check out what was going on, I mean, what else was there to do anyway. Turns out Mom left us quiet a bit, it was a trust fund, well two, one for each of us, that she started before we were born. Never let it be said Mom wasn't a financial whiz! We're not rolling in the dough mind you, but we definitely can sleep a bit easier. Becca had left us in quite a lurch really, so this was a really good thing. Not that I don't miss Mom. I'd rather have her here than that stupid letter she left us. Man does that have Aeryn up in arms.

Apparently Mom was a Witch, but she gave up her family and her life to be with Dad and raise us to be "normal". Too bad her plan backfired. I can't really blame her, it's not like she knew what Dad was, but from the looks of it her mother and sisters definitely had a clue or two. Luckily for us Uncle Patrick came around after Dad pulled his Houdini act, without him we'd probably have a very different life. C'mon, how many kids could deal with their Dad disappearing, and their mom going out to look for him. Sometimes I wonder if she still would have gone even if there wasn't someone to watch Aeryn and I. I have the bad feeling she would doesn't seem like family meant much to her.

Ever since we read "The Letter" (as I call it now, Aeryn refuses to acknowledge it yet) Aeryn has been a complete and utter jerk. She's moody, and grumpy, and she burned down the parsley plant, the mint, and the roses. She was doing so well with the garden too, well kinda at least. And she's baking again. I don't care what kind of comfort she gets from it, those brownies are lethal! Mark ate one, and I swear he chipped a tooth. I've been the guinea pig, and let me tell you, the girl needs help.

But now she's finally listened to me! We leave tomorrow for Moon Bay, it's up by Seattle somewhere, and that's where "The Letter" said we could find our family, or at least Mom's family. I'm kinda nervous, but at the same time, it's an adventure. I think Aeryn is scared they'll turn us away, they obviously didn't like Dad, and she's afraid they'll think we're like him or something. I've never seen her worry so much.

Okay, time to pack and get the car ready. We're not taking much, in case we have to break for it and run. We're selling most everything, Aeryn doesn't want to come back to L.A, I think she misses Becca. Ugh...okay, I smell fire, and that's never good! Moon Bay here we come!

Posted by psy/aeryn-edenm at 6:47 PM EST
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