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Team golf website


The purpose of this site is to allow players who are interested in joining a team the ability to come to one site and use the available links to view each of the team`s sites.This affords those interested in joining a team a chance to see the rosters of each team, visit their sites at their leisure and see if any of the team`s themes or goals are suited to their individual needs.You will find ,as you visit some of these sites , some have temporarily closed applications ,which happens if a team feels it has enough members to meet their tour obligations.

At all times this site shall remain non-partisan  and not be involved with any players choice of teams. The site is only here to assist both teams and players find each other.

Another feature of having a TeamGolf site is that it provides a convenient means for a member of any one team to contact a member of another . This may be helpful in arranging matches for the master series of each tour.

    If you have any comments or suggestions about this site, feel free to use the e-mail link to left or the forum link to the right.

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