The scene opens up to PJ Blake sitting on a blue protective mat with her legs crossed and her hands on her knees.

"This is how they do it in all the movies."

She takes a deep breath in, holds it, and releases it.

"I just have to keep relaxed and my mind clear."

For the next two minutes PJ tries to keep relaxed and her mind clear, but then her eyes spring open.

[Hey girlie!  Whatcha doin?]

Letting out a sigh, PJ slides off the blue mat and rolls it up and sends it pushes it aside and drops her head into her hands to have a good sulk.

[Don't worry about it, girlie!  Maybe we should just take a nap instead!  I am sure we will feel better when we wake up!]

PJ lays out on the floor of her hotel room floor, her hands on her stomach.  She slowly drifts off to sleepl


Jumping off the top rope against the legends that drew her in is PJ Blake.  Every move she lands is flawless.  There is no misstep, no error, but then she flinches and is taken off her feet.  When she fails to kick out she is confronted by herself, but with jet black hair.

"You... you're."

[Go ahead girlie, spit it out.]

PJ shakes her head, quickly jerking around and placing her hands on the top rope coming out of the corner turnbuckle.  This woman closes the gap and places a hand to PJ's shoulder; causing her to jump and swing back around.

"Don't touch... don't touch me!"

The black-haired PJ holds up her hands and leans back.

[Okay, okay girlie.]

"Why won't you leave me alone?!"

[You know the answer to that.  Just use that noggin of ours and it'll come to ya, girlie!  Get it?]

PJ pushes passed her "twin" with black hair, the tips of her fingers pushed against her temples as she tries to work through this.

[Nice ring you got here.  Personally, reminds me of Uncle Thomas and Derek's ring we trained in all those years ago.]

PJ swings around, throwing a finger at her "other half".

"Shush you!"

[Nah, I think-]

The black-haired takes PJ's hand and puts her down with a hip toss!

[I think the only way you're gonna figure this out is if the two of us wrestle!  PJ Blake against Ana Archia!]

"A...na... Ar..ke...ya?"

Ana rolls PJ up to her feet and shoves her back to the corner.  PJ cannot seem to bring herself to mount any offensive or defensive maneuvers.  She finds herself almost completely paralyzed.

[Come on girlie, we are stronger together.  Le'me have it!]

Ana pulls back and holds out her arms, literally opening herself up for retalliation.

"No...I... I don't know..."

Ana takes PJ by the hair and pushes her back into the corner.

[Wake up, girlie!]

After being beaten against the corner turnbuckles one too many times, PJ finally takes Ana by the arms and flips the script.  PJ goes to deliver a harsh left-hand, but Ana turns to a pale green smoke, laughing as she fades away.

[There she is, that's my girlie!]

"I'm not your girlie!  I'm... MY OWN GIRLIE!"

PJ turns and is confronted by Ana, who just stands there with a twisted smile, but now there does not seem to be any paralysis.  PJ leaps up, pressing a boot into Ana's gut and kicking her in the head with her other foot.  Ana once again, laughs and fades into green smoke  The ring vanishes and the two women are left sitting across from one another in two chairs made up of pale green smoke.

"I... you..."

[I am you and I are you or me is I and you am...]

Ana shakes her head rapidly.

[You buried me, thinking it was best, but it does not have to be all or nothing.  That is just gonna hurt us both.]

"Uncle Tank though... he..."

[Uncle Tank went through the same thing, girlie.  He should be lurking around somewhere.  We should ask him when we get up.  Whatcha think?]

"I think that everyone needs to know I remember, but I won't fall that deep ever agi-"

Ana shakes her head.

[Nope, don't say such things!  Just embrace and be the best us, girlie!  WE gotta do something first though, 'kay?]

"What's that?"

[What's what?]

PJ stares at Ana, eventually starting to slowly shake her head from one-side to the other, bemused.

[Oh right... you gotta WAKE-]


Wiping the drool from her mouth, PJ sits up in bed... confused how she got there because she remembers passing out on the floor of her hotel room, but there she is.  The alarm continues to roar for another minute or two before PJ finally dismisses it.  She pulls herself to a sitting up position and take another minute to just sit there.  PJ springs up to her feet and puts on a big smile and walks into the bathroom and smiles at herself in the mirror.

"We got this, girlie!"

*** Chapter One ***

Taking the stage to the sounds of "Comin' In Hot" by Diamante starts to play is "The Icon" and one-half of the tag team champion PJ Blake.  She throws up her hands and bends her knees to lower herself to the crowd before taking a microphone and pacing from one-side of the stage to the other.

"Oh, I think I'm not the only one comin' in hot, am I?!"

The crowd raves and roars for PJ.

"Look at this nice piece of hardware I have strapped around my waist.  Isn't it just the prettiest lil thing you ever did see?!"

Bowing down her head to look at the CWF Tag Team Championship around her waist she faces the crowd, pushing out her hips.

"The hard work has only just begun for the likes of Autumn Raven and I though and for me that means taking on Bryan Reed in a one-on-one contest, but no need to worry, I'm not at all concerned because with someone like Autumn Raven in my corner, who could be?"

PJ starts walking around the stage to the raucous crowd.

"Oh Bry-Bry, what makes you think this time is going to be any different than any of the other times?  Whether I am facing you, your brother, or your Uncle dressed up as your Great Aunt for whatever reason, you never ask because you are just letting him live his life, but I digress.  It does not matter who it is because Autumn and I are the CWF Tag Team Champions.  Autumn and I are the team that stand in your way of proving anything around here."

Taking a momentary break, PJ holds out the microphone to get the crowd's reaction picked up.  PJ smiles, continuing to walk around the stage, tag team title strapped around her waist.  She stops in the middle of the stage and turns to face the crowd and catches her breath as she looks out at the crowd, taken aback.

"Wasn't Autumn amazing at Frozen Over VIII?  She was not going to be denied the tag team titles no matter who stood in her way and it showed.  She was the real MVP of that match, hands down.  I owe my title reign all to her, fact."

PJ brushes back her hair and points out at the crowd.

"I think it's time for me to put the final nail in the coffin of the Reed Brothers and crush any last, final hopes they have of ever becoming CWF Tag Team Champions.."

The crowd roars.

"I am almost going to miss facing them though because you know when Autumn and I step inside the squared circle with'em, we always tear it up.  Everyone is always going to remember Bryan and Ryan Reed against Autumn Raven and PJ Blake.  All good things must come to an end though and Autumn and I must eventually move onto the next 'new' challenge.  Who will that be?  Maybe we will take on a couple local yokels from the cities we are in?"

PJ shrugs her shoulders.

"That is a problem for another time.  THe current problem is Bryan Reed with his brother Ryan in his corner.  The problem is, shutting Bryan Reed down and blowing up the night in the process."

The crowd cheers.

"Oh I know all of you are looking forward to seeing what Bryan and I put one another through.  Ya'know it is going to be a rough night for Bryan.  In his head failure cannot be an option.  The future of their tag team here in the CWF is on the line.  If he drops the ball, who knows if that spells the end for both him and his brother THAT NIGHT!"

Once again the crowd erupts with louder cheers.

"Bryan, the work starts for me at Evolution 76.  You think you and your brother have seen the best of yours truly so far?  Oh no, you haven't!  You see, I have been waiting for my chance to hold championship gold for the longest time and there is nothing I won't do to continue to astound and amaze the fans.  There is nothing I will not do to take any match I am to the next level."

PJ shakes her head.

"You have three SINGLE'S CHAMPIONS in the main event.  That tag team match is going to be astounding, but the match you and I have, Bryan?  Let's go out there and tear the roof off the place.  Let's take our match and make every single participant in the main event down to the CWF Champion Freddie Styles himself falling out of their seats wondering how they are going to top what we do!  What do ya say, boy-o?"

PJ tilts her head to one side, a smile still on her face.

"I will not be denied my victory and as long as their is still breath left in me, there will be fight, Bryan.  So with your brother looking on and my tag team partner and co-tag team champion Autumn Raven, we are going to be at the top of the showcase.  We are going to electrify and delight the fans one more time.  So I hope you are ready, because the run has been good.  We have given each other all that we have, but the end is coming, boy-o."

Taking a step back, away from the crowd of roaring fans, PJ Blake is soon joined by Serena Ransolver and Natasha Dragonali.

Crowd: "R-W-B1  R-W-B!"

Serena and Natasha wave to the crowd with smiles on their faces.

"Autumn, we're even more legit now!  Look at us!  We are the tag team champions and now is the time to ask you a very special question with my sisters standing to my left and to my right."

PJ takes to one-knee and pulls her half of the CWF Tag Team Championships from around her waist and holds it high above her head.

"There's a little legacy I would like for us to uphold and honor now that we have the tag team championships.  Serena and I used it and you've been like a sister to me since the moment I arrived here in the CWF, so before I take on Bryan Reed and prove without a shadow of a doubt we are as good solo as we are as a team, girlie-"

The fans roar, making it nearly impossible for PJ to speak over them.  PJ turns read, laughing with her sisters.


"Will you join with me as one of the DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS?!"

PJ holds out her hands, taking in all of the crazy cheers from the crowd.

"I'm coming for for you Bryan Reed!  SEE YOU AT EVOLUTION 76!!!"

The scene fades to black as Natasha and Serena hug their sister-in-arms.

[End Transmission]