For the past two weeks, PJ Blake has had her phone on do not disturb.  Ever since Natasha Dragonali first knocked on her dirty motel room door.  With her recent loss, the calls have only increased because someone like Natasha has caught the proverbial scent of blood in the water, but a girl has to eat and a girl just has to get out.  Really, who doesn't?

This week PJ Blake finds herself once again participating in the Omega side of things for this tournament, but that is not going to stop her from enjoying a quality bacon cheeseburger and a tall glass of water before she hops a plane to Amsterdam; where she will not be partaking in the culture or judging it should / when she sees it either advertised or actually happening.

Letting out a groan, PJ Blake takes a bite out of the bacon cheeseburger held in both her hands; catching sight of Natasha Dragonali across the street and knowing her appetite may soon be ruined, but a bus passes between the two and once it does PJ is surprised to not see Natasha standing there, but instead two women.  One woman is dressed in a leather jacket and the other in a form fitting evening dress.  They cross the street and enter the establishment.

They engage the hostess and point to PJ sitting by her lonesome before walking over and standing; hovering over the young CWF upstart.  PJ sets down her burger and takes the napkin from her lap, wiping her fingers and mouth before looking up at the two in a heated staredown until the two women sit across from her in the booth.  A waitress approaches the booth, but before she can get out even one word, the woman in leather holds up a hand to stop her.

Woman: We will have a couple burgers as well and two drafts... bartender's choice.

The waitress shrugs and heads off to put the orders in.

Woman: Took care of your "little problem", Prissy.

PJ shrugs her shoulders.

PJ: Whatever, but thanks.  She is like a pit-bull.

The woman in leather leans forward, placing her arms on the table to lean against.

Woman: You have no idea, Prissy.  The name is Marisol and-

Marisol leans back and nods towards her friend in the form-fitting dress.

Marisol: Nicole Cooper.

PJ smirks, laughing softly to herself as she gets ready to take another bite of her burger, but Marisol pulls the plate away from her.

Marisol: We dealt with a problem for you and now we are having a meeting with you.

PJ: Do you think I am unaware of what is actually going on?

Marisol and Nicole look at one another, confused, and then back to PJ.

Nicole: We would love to hear what you "think" is going on.

PJ pulls her burger back in front of her and has herself a bite and chews that bite slowly and looks to really be trying to enjoy every moment of that one bite before responding.  She sets down her burger and leans forward, her arms now on the table.

PJ: You work for Natasha and this is just another attempt to get me to come over and-

Marisol holds up her hand, silencing PJ.

Marisol: Listen, Prissy... we would never have anything to do with her.  You see Nicole here, right?

PJ nods her head.

Marisol: We decided a long time ago that all we needed was each other.  We take care of problems before they get too big.

PJ shrugs, having a couple of fries and a sip of her water.

PJ: So?

Marisol: So, we are prepared to make you a deal.

PJ: Natasha wanted to make me a deal too.

Marisol pushes back, going to smack the table in front of her, but stops.  Nicole places a hand on her friend's shoulder; tagging herself in one might say.

Nicole: Our deal is simply... we want exposure and after watching you; we felt you could help us and we could help you.

PJ: You've been watching me, huh?  Not creepy at all.

Marisol cracks her knuckles under the table, drawing the gaze of both Nicole and PJ.

Nicole: All we want to do is be part of your entrance before every match and then we just stand there looking to deal with any potential outside interference.

PJ: Oh, so you're a protection policy?

Marisol and Nicole look at one another, eventually shrugging and looking back to PJ.

PJ: Girls, I am trying to showcase my brand to the wrestling world, what do you think it says if I suddenly have a couple of "bodyguards" accompanying me to the ring?

Nicole: I will tell you what it says, Prissy.  Us coming out to back you up says you are important enough to warrant protecting.  You are worth the investment.

Marisol: Look, Prissy, we are not going to interfere in the matches for or against you.  We are not even looking to get paid... by you at least.  We show up, we stand there, and if someone not in the match shows up, we take care of them.

Nicole reaches into her small black purse and pulls out a card, which she slides across the table.

Nicole: We have extended the offer, take a few days to think about whether you are going to accept or make the mistake and turn it down.  Just remember that we could be the difference in PJ Blake being a household name or just another girl who passed between the ropes and tried to do something but inevitably was just part of someone else's story.

The waitress returns with Marisol and Nicole's beers.  Nicole looks up towards the waitress with a smile.

Nicole: Can we get the burgers to-go?  We just had a look at the time and we have somewhere to be.

The waitress smiles back at Nicole and goes to tell the kitchen.

PJ: Somewhere else to be, huh?

Marisol picks up her beer and takes a long drink, wiping her mouth with her sleeve when she is done.

Marisol: That was the polite way to say we are done here and not sticking around after these drafts.

PJ: Tell you what, ladies-

PJ takes the card and slides it into her pocket.

PJ: I will let you know by the end of the day because maybe you make a lot of sense.  Maybe you are even as far as being correct and we can help each other, but these are things to think about and not rush into.  So I will be in touch.

PJ pushes out of the booth and drops a few twenties on the table.

PJ: Oh and lunch is on me...

PJ walks away from the table with a look of panic once Marisol and Nicole can't see.

PJ: oO(Well, I'm not eating again until after Evolution.  Genius ove, PJ!)

Marisol moves herself across the table from Nicole and starts finishing PJ's food.

Nicole: You have your own burger coming, Marisol.

Marisol: That is then and I'm hungry now.

Nicole: Right... so do you think she will bite?

Marisol: (with a mouthful of burger and fries) I dunno.

Nicole turns her head away in disgust.

Nicole: You've gotten a lot more savage since our days as a couple of emergency room nurses, girl.

Marisol shrugs her shoulders, grabbing her beer to wash down the burger and fries as Nicole just rolls her eyes with a smile as this scene cuts to black.

Evolution V.Log 64

After lunch, PJ Blake returns to her latest motel room and takes a seat at the metal and pressboard table, in an outside chair brought inside.  She sets up her laptop and does her magic before hitting the button to start recording.

PJ Blake - Hey Autumn Raven, looks like the two of us are finally getting back inside the ring to tear it up and shatter the glass ceiling.  I am pumped and I am ready to take you to the limit.  This match is going to be clean and straight down the middle.  There will be no excuses for either one of us, I hope.  Maybe I caught the eye of Sauron or you did, but hopefully we actually get to find out who the better person is come the sixty-fourth Evolution in CWF history.  There is nothing I would like more than a clean victory over you because you are the former Impact Champion.

I am forever a student of this business, always willing and able to learn new tips and tricks to give me the edge in each and every match that I am booked in.  The question is, how do you perceive me?  When you look at me, Autumn, what do you see?  Do you see a little naive girl or do you see someone who is just hungry and willing to do whatever it takes?  I am hoping you see more than just a naive girl playing dress-up as a professional wrestler.  That might just mess with my head a little bit and cause momentary distraction in this upcoming match.

Then again, Autumn, maybe that is just "bait" that I am hoping you take because I am happy where I am and who I am becoming in this business.  You do realize, I am being stalked, right?  Everyone wants a piece of the new girl.  Everyone wants to hitch their trailer to my ride up the mountain of success and glory... at least that is the story weaved and sent my way from their feed-holes.  All of that aside, let's go into the sixty-fourth Evolution looking to blow the roof off the building.  Let's look out at the crowd and let them know it is FOR THEM as much as it is FOR US because this is who we are, this is what we do, and we are here to prove there is nobody better at it!

So you bring your best and I promise I will bring mine.  We will put on the show of shows and put the rest of the Alpha and Omega tournament to shame with our one match.  Whoever wins will earn finally being on the board with a couple points just like I want to earn every darn thing in my career and on that note, I may be investing in a little "protection" policy to ensure everything goes smoothly between the two of us.  Someone tries to interfere, they will be dealt with so the two of us can focus on each other.

In conclusion, best of luck Autumn Raven.  You have my respect and after this rendition of Evolution, hopefully I have earned yours.  See you soon, inside of the squared circle where we will lay it all on the line in hopes of walking out the victory and taking that next step forward in your careers, girlie.

PJ leans up and hits the button to stop the recording.  She leans back and nods proudly before standing up to get on with her day as this scene cuts off to black.

Later, at night, PJ Blake is seen waiting at an airport.  She is waiting to pass through security.  Once she is up and ready to take her turn to pass through, she notices Marisol and Nicole a couple of lines over, looking directly at her.  She turns to pass through and the scanner goes off.  PJ panics, but walks out to get a wand run over her.  PJ pulls out a set of keys, that are not hers.

PJ: I am soooo sorry, I thought I put them in the bin!

The TSA around PJ groan, kind of figuring she's a spastic-spacey mess of a person.  PJ takes a look around for both Marisol and Nicole; not catching sight of either one of them.  She grabs her roller-bag and proceeds to find her gate to head out.