PJ Blake is in her motel room with a hot pizza and Netflix on her laptop; ready to find herself something to watch for the night.

Nothing beats pizza and a little binge watching when it comes to relax the nerves that come along with a big match.  Not that I have a lot of friends to do anything else and you can only spend so much time at the gym.  Bars are not really an option either.  Sure, I have a fake I.D. so I can go to bars if I want, but that is not really the kind of person I am or want to be.

*Knock!  Knock!*

'Who would visit me?'

The first thought that pops into my head.  I'm sure they have the wrong room and will quickly-

*Knock!  Knock!  Knock!*

 What else am I doing, might as well get up and at lest see who it is and maybe direct them to the actual room they are looking for.

PJ crawls out of her comfy position on the bed in her motel to answer the door.  As she approaches the door and is about to unlatch the lock-

"PJ will you open the damn door, it's Natasha!"

PJ's eyes widen, but she still unlatches and opens her motel room door.

"Nat?  This is a -"

A woman in a pair of jeans and a leather jacket over a black tank top walks into the room and right passed PJ.  She takes a look around.

"You know, daddy would be happy to wire you some money so you don't have to struggle for your art so hard, right?"

PJ closes the door and walks back to her bed and takes a seat.  Natasha wipes off a nearby chair and has herself a seat as well.

"It's not that bad, Nat.  The bed even has magic fingers if I had a quarter."

Natasha winces.

"How quaint..."

"You want some pineapple pizza, Nat?"

PJ asks, tipping the box towards Natasha.

"No, I'm good."

Natasha declines, disgusted at the sheer thought of consuming a single slice of pizza.  PJ shrugs her shoulders and has a bite of another slice.

"Whatever, your loss."

"PJ,  I was back home just thinking about you-"

"What are you doing here, Natasha?"

PJ says with a mouth half full of pinneapple pizza.

"Charming, as always, PJ, but I was just getting to that."

"I didn't think you liked me that much.  Like, we knew each other, but we didn't really hangout with one another."

Natasha shrugs her shoulders.

"I thought you were adorable."

PJ smiles, perks right up at the sound of a compliment.

"Of course I didn't think you were actually going to go anywhere in the wrestling business, but hey I was just the girl who kept the books and did the taxes for daddy and Derek."

PJ looks as if she just received a punch in the gut, a cheap shot.

"Needless to say, I was incorrect in my assumption and now I come to you with a proposition."

"Uh huh, so I get a contract and suddenly you're my new bestest girlfriend, huh?"

Natasha laughs.

"Don't be ridiculous, PJ.  You and I have nothing in common and honestly I was hoping to have this conversation with Drake Epstein, but here we are."

"I hear he's working shows up in Canada with your Uncle Chris."

PJ says, a little snarkiness to her tone.

"Oh I know, Uncle Chris and I keep in touch and he tells me about promising talent that he crosses paths with, but here I am with you..."

Natasha pauses, taking a look around in disgust.

"... Here... go figure.  So here I am because you have a talent inside that ring that not a lot of people have.  With your talent inside of the ring and my talents-"

PJ shakes her head as she gets up from the bed and walks over to the door.

"I think I am doing just fine, Nat.  Thanks for stopping by and give your mom and dad my love."

Natasha stands up, smiling.  She holds up her hands and walks out the door of the motel room.  She slowly turns around as PJ is about to close the door.

"I'll be in touch.  Maybe not today, tomorrow, or next week or the week after that, but you will see that I can and would make you better.  You-

"Bye, Natasha."

PJ swings the door closed and latches it.  Natasha walks down the hallway, pulling out her phone and dialing a number.

"She still is not coming around, but she will."

Natasha has always been a know-it-all and never seemed like the kind of person I wanted to place my trust in.  I'm here and I'm doing alright.  If I'm not real, the fans will know.  It's pretty obvious to anyone in fact when you aren't just being yourself, but hey I have my pineapple pizza and Netflix tonight so life is all good.

[Morning V.Log]

With an energy drink within reach PJ Blake has her laptop set up and everything ready for one of her [becoming] infamous video blogs.  She hits the record button on the screen after a quick swig of her morning energy drink.

PJ Blake - So apparently I am in this Alpha and Omega tournament after all, which is super cool and an amazing honor.  All I have to do is get through Kyuseishu like I did in my debut match, but this time I will not have tag team partners to back me up.

PJ starts fanning her face with both of her hands.

PJ Blake - Part of me feels that maybe I was a little too hasty and should have taken Natasha Dragonali up on her proposition to stand in my corner, but I'm just going to chalk that up to pre-match jitters.  I understand Kyu will be wanting a little measur eof revenge and to prove he was not the reason his team lost, but I will be looking to prove I am one of the reasons my team won my debut six-person tag team match!  This is an important and major step for me to take and all it requires is a little one- two- three and on my way I will be!

Pausing, PJ takes another swig of her energy drink.

PJ Blake - Kyu, every single week I only get better inside of the squared circle.  I learn from my mistake and I comeback ready to do even better the next time.  No, I am still not going to say a single harsh word about you as my opponent because that is not my style.  Getting inside of your head with dummy insults is beneath me and not one of the reasons I got into this business.  So do not look passed me to the next round of the Alpha and Omega tournament, then that will be the mistake that costs you this match and that will cost us both from putting on the best match of the whole show.  Let's both go out there and set the standard for the night, but hey I have appointments for the day so I gotta run!  See you at Evolution, Kyu!

PJ stops the record and hits the upload button.

Another week another match to get ready for.  Just imagine when/if I beat Kyu in the middle of the ring how much harder Natasha will try to work with her and ride my coattails?  It's kind of exciting be coveted as I am.