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KFC's Bio

Name:Kenny "KFC" Churchill
Position: Mid/Back
Favorite Team: Dynasty

Info on Kenny......:|

Favorite Bands: Linkin Park, Green Day,CKY, Slipknot, any rock....

Favorite Songs: "One Step Closer"-Linkin Park, "99 Problems"-Linkin Park, "Points of Authority"-Linkin Park, "Escape form Hellview"-CKY, "St. Jimmy"-Green Day, "Holiday"-Green Day, "The Golden Egg"-Gnar Kill, " I Got Erection"-Gnar Kill, "Life Demise"-Unanimated, "The Virus of Life"-Slipknot, "Danger-Keep Away"-Slipknot, "Pain"-Jimmy Eat World...

Dream Gun: DM5

Other Shit: I believe that George Dubya will bring about the biblical Apocolpyse

Equipment: Smart Parts Impulse, Brass Eagle Mask, Halo B Hopper.