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DJ's Bio

Name: DJ Young
Age: 14
Position: Front Player
Favorite Team: Naughty Dogz

Info on DJ.........>8-0

Favorite bands: Deftones, Rancid, Billy Talent, Useless ID, Unwritten Law, CKY, Green Day, Antifreeze, Interpol, Anti-Flag.

Favorite songs: "Back to school"-Deftones, "Evil"-Interpol, "Smile like you mean it"-The Killers, "Escape from hellview"-CKY, "Be quiet and drive"-Deftones, "Slow hands"-Interpol, "Im not okay"-My Chemical Romance, "Stockholm syndrome"-Blink 182 ,"Voices of Violence"-Billy Talent, "Livin Lovin Maid"-Led Zeppelin, "Anarchy Camp"-NOFX, "Don Giovanni"-Rancid.

Dream gun: Eclipse Autococker....yeah with a little shimmy.....>_>

Other shit: Fuck Bush, FUCK BUSH, FUCK BUSH, Did I mention FUCK BUSH? I love you so much Jess, and.....uhh.....Snoochie boochies?......(middle fingers)

Equipment: Tippman 98 Custom, Double Finger Trigger Update, Smart parts Progressive barrel, Brass Eagle Mask, JT Harness, JT Gloves