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Interview Techniques

Interview Tips:

Preparing for the interview:

∑        Research: Research the company and gather any information that may be helpful to in during the interview process

∑        Rehearse: Practice your interview skills and have an idea of how you may answer questions ahead of time

∑        Relax: Try to stay calm and relaxed. If you are nervous it will show in your interview

∑        Review: Think of each interview as practice. Go over what happened in the interview and determine whether you felt it went well


First Impressions:

bullet Smile
bullet Be ready to shake hands
bullet Maintain Eye contact
bullet Shut the door on your troubles (Donít discuss your problems in the interview)
bullet Listen to the interviewer
bullet Be attentive to body language
bullet Donít Ever chew gum


Sample questions to ask the employer:

bullet What are the greatest challenges of this job?
bullet How do you see this company growing in the next 5-10 Years?
bullet Who will be my direct supervisor?
bullet How many people work for this company?