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Cover Letters

Cover Letter Pointers:

bullet Start with an effective/catchy opener that will spark the employers interest
bullet First paragraph should include:
bullet Your interest in the position
bullet Where you saw the posting, (If there is one)
bullet A brief overview of your knowledge in that field of work
bullet Your second paragraph should include:
bullet Your strongest qualification in more detail then the first paragraph
bullet If in school, what program you are currently enrolled in or if recently graduated, what program you majored in
bullet Provide as much evidence of you related work experience related to the  position you are applying for
bullet Refer to your resume as an attachment: Ex. Enclosed is a copy of my resume with a detailed description of my past experience and education
bullet Your third paragraph should sum up your cover letter:
bullet Suggest a meeting to further discuss your qualifications
bullet Thank them for their time and consideration
bullet Sign your name on each letter


More Helpful Hints:

bullet Try not to use “I” to many times! The employer wants to know about you, but also wants to know what you can do for them
bullet Make it visually appealing
bullet Use same heading as resume
bullet Always try to get the recipients name, title and correct spelling of company name, etc.
bullet Avoid using the word “hope”
bullet Direct each letter specifically to the job you are applying for