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    Mother natureís sorcery:
A day of silent, hollow night
Itís stirring in my candle light
And taking what it can from me

    So soon it will come to be
A shadow that is burning bright
Our mother natureís sorcery:
A day of silent, hollow night

    How sad the sky would ever be
With our moon blackened in itís height
The stars; a shadowed, frail plight
And oh! A world of drudgery
Our mother natureís sorcery  

   This site has yet to be finished, but it should have at least a few things up within the next couple of weeks. I'm not really sure what exactly I'm going to put up on this site, but at least you'll see some recent pictures of me and the cats, as well as some "art" that I have been doing. I'll put up the funny comics that I read, and the funny things I find and read, and other interesting things I read. (Well interesting to me anyways.) Really, this site is for myself and whoever wants to look at it, probably only my sister Corinne. :)  In the meantime, just keep checking back, and visit if you feel like laughing.

P.S: Best viewed in Internet Explorer. (As in, not Netscape! )


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