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March 2005

Thank you to everyone that sent care packages. I have enough toiletries for myself and the rest of the team. At least we are clean. I appreciate everything that has been sent. Now I just need to get the school supplies and toys out the kids. As most of you know we havn't been able to go out much like we did in Jan. because of elections and the transition of commands. But hopefully in April we will be out on the streets interacting with the kids again. If you still have things you would like to send you may send them out to the new address at Camp Hope that I will email in the next couple days. It is safe to send mail up to May 15th. After that I might not receive it because I will be on my way HOME!!!!!!!

Again, sorry the web page has been boring lately. I don't really have any new and fun pictures, but if it comes down to it, I'll post some odd pictures of what we do when we are not working.