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My Simplicity 5216H Lawn Tractor

Here is my Simplicity 5216H Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor that my father-in-law GAVE to me. He's a nice guy!

She runs like a dream and doesn't use a lick of oil despite having over 1500 hours on the mower and has never been rebuilt. Yeah, it's been that well taken care of and I intend to keep it up!

I didn't like the height at which it cut so I removed the handle lever and reattached it outside of the height selector bracket. The weight of the deck alone holds it completely in place. Before at 2 7/8 inches it would scalp some areas of my lawn (slopes) now I can mow at 3 5/8 inches (like on my old push mower) and the lawn looks great.

All in all I love this tractor! Just replaced the spark plugs and now she starts faster then my truck. Man she runs so well...


The Height "Modification"
(I may notch the bracket to further stabilize the rod handle and yes the rollers still make full contact with the ground while mowing although it may not look like it in this picture)

The Tractor

Another View