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Stop Animal Testing!

Every day, companies that still test on animals do things like rub abrasive products into rabbits and other animals eyes and freshly shaved skin. There is no reason for federal agencies' continuing to require the use of animal-test methods for skin absorption, skin irritation, skin corrosion, phototoxicity, and pyrogenicity tests. With other products and companies, like Chiropractics and Iams Animal Food, they do harmful backbone and nutritional testing on animals that kill them. Animal testing with a product for animals? It's insane. None of the animals in animal testing are given sedatives or pain killers- Toxic substances are just rubbed into their eyes, skin, anus and vaginal openings, and they are left there to suffer and eventually die. With every different company and product, a different way to test and torture animals occurs. They are routinely cut open, poisoned, forced to live in tiny spaces without light and food, and many other forms of torture. Animals may even be electrically shocked. And for what? Studies have shown that humans' reactions to products differ from animals', obviously. The lives of these animals doesn't have to be so cruel. We can help. There are many alternatives to animal testing, which I will show. We can also write to the names of the companies that still animal test. I will include a list of who does and doesn't. Watch this video on other forms of animal cruelty.
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