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March Madness 2004 Pool

Final Top Three....

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AP top 25
Updated scores
All the brackets!!!

2000 Champion : Chad Dulaney
2001 Champion : Lisa Motty
2002 Champion : John Wirt
2002 Runner-Up : Randall Womack
2003 Champion : Brad Sumpter
2003 Runner-Up : Austin White
2003 3rd Place : Chris Mccoy
2004 Champion : Randy Ray
2004 2nd Place : Shawn Stump
2004 3rd Place : Dwayne
2004 Dead Last : Ephraim Sutphin

2004 March Madness Results...
The End Totals...

These are in no particular order...

Name		ST	ER	AT	PH	F4	Tot	Champ +6
Josh Leonard	15	10	12	15	0	52	--------------
Chris Whitt	12	13	17	14	5	67	Connecticut
Joey Belt	10	12	12	16	5	61	Connecticut
Keith Blackburn  9	12	11	15	5	58	Connecticut
Brian Peters	 9	22	16	15	0	62	--------------
Brad Sumpter	16	20	16	14	5	71	--------------
Jason Epperly	10	20	13	14	5	68	Connecticut
Ada Camper	 9	18	17	 9	0	53	--------------
David Rhudy	11	13	17	15	5	67	Connecticut
Clinton Sr.	15	14	17	 7	5	58	--------------
Scott Hillyard	10	14	16	16	0	56	--------------
Shane Hall	12	12	17	14	0	55	--------------
Shawn Stump	18	22	14	16	5	81	Connecticut
Curtis Worrell	15	17	17	12	0	61	--------------
Carol Davis	 9	20	17	13	0	59	--------------
Norman Hylton	10	22	18	16	5	71	--------------
Mark Shortt	14	14	10	16	10	70	Connecticut
Nicole Hylton	10	20	15	16	5	72	Connecticut
Ivan Velickovic	 9	23	17	14	5	74	Connecticut
Lisa/Bart	12	20	16	18	0	66	--------------
Steve Hall	12	22	15	13	0	62	--------------
Chad Dulaney	10	21	11	16	5	63	--------------
Jay Sartin	11	12	18	14	5	66	Connecticut
Jason Kirkner	14	13	18	15	5	71	Connecticut
Kelly Rice	12	18	19	17	0	66	--------------
Cord Hall	13	14	18	 8	0	53	--------------
John Wirt	12	18	17	14	0	61	--------------
Mark Gentile	12	22	16	15	0	65	--------------
Josh Matross	 8	18	10	11	0	47	--------------
Dwayne	        16	13	13	16	10	74	Connecticut
Randall W.	17	19	21	10	5	72	Georgia Tech
Brianne Peters	12	10	22	11	0	55	--------------
George Himler	11	12	16	17	5	61	--------------
Randy Ray	13	25	15	18	5	82	Connecticut
Mike Heagy	 7	15	13	12	0	47	--------------
David Catoe	 9	18	12	15	0	54	--------------
John Catoe	14	10	11	13	0	48	--------------
Rhea Catoe	12	19	18	 8	0	57	--------------
Michael S.	14	22	 6	16	5	69	Connecticut
Jonathan Brad.	13	18	 6	16	0	53	--------------
Cliniton Jr.	17	17	15	 9	5	63	--------------
Melanie Morris	10	15	19	10	0	54	--------------
Ricky Slaughter  7	10	18	15	5	61	Connecticut
Ephraim S.	10	18	10	 7	0	45	--------------

Scenarios… If Connecticut Wins…
1st $500 Randy Ray 82
2nd $250 Shawn Stump 81
3rd $110 Dwayne/Ivan 74
Tie Breaker: Dwayne 154
Ivan V. 151
Actual: BYU/SYR 155
So… Dwayne wins $110 due to the Tie Breaker!
44th $ 20 Ephraim Sutphin 45

If Georgia Tech Wins…
1st $500 Randall Womack 78
2nd $250 Randy Ray 76
3rd $110 Shawn Stump 75
44th $ 20 Ephraim Sutphin 45

Well some people: Randy, Shawn, Randall, and Dwayne (sorry Ivan) will be sweating it out tonight, but one man - (Ephraim Sutphin AKA Opie) will not be. He knows that he is in sole position of last place and no one can take that honor, or that 20 bucks away from him. congratulations Opie, heres twenty, you earned it!

On a sadder note, I am sorry to report that Ivan will not be in the running tonight, due to an unfortunate numbering problem. As most of you can remember, Ivan is the foreigner with the slight counting problem, evident when he tried to tell me that the 44 people at 20 bucks a piece should equal 900 dollars. Well Ivan, in the end it was your downfall, as Dwayne, a pure bred American male, beat you out as he was closest to the tie breaker. Perhaps if you would have studied the number system a little better instead of focusing on our past presidents, national anthem, etc.. in preparation for your citizenry test, than perhaps you could have been $110 dollars richer...Sorry buddy, but live and learn.

We'll folks, other than updating the sight to announce the winner, this should be our last contact for a while. It's been fun losing to most of you (though I beat a majority of the Atlanta crew) again this year. I want to thank Jason Epperly for NOT helping me with the brackets this year. I want to thank hugo boss for their obvious hiring practices of those with mental deficiencies - therefore beefing up our pool! I want to thank God, for he did not let a woman win this year. I want to thank Randy Ray for gathering up brackets from people who can't spell (Melanie etc..) therefore they could not win if they wanted to. Thank you to Shawn Stump for calling me seven hundred and ten times during class in the last two weeks. I want to thank Brad Sumpter for ... losing. I want to thank OK ST. for choking. I want to thank Corning in Chrisitiansburg for hiring people for jobs which allow them to email me twenty times a night complaining about the website! Thank you to Nicole Hylton for changing a gay man straight. Thank you to Foodlion store 451 for giving me a huge bunch of loser brackets. Thanks to all of you for putting up with me during this tournament, and remember everything is only in jest.

Until next year, this is Cord Hall signing off... May your brackets suck ass, and your wallets lose cash!

The tournament is now at the Sweet sixteen, and so far a little less that half of the field have their champion eliminated. If Duke, Uconn, and OK ST. happen to lose in this next round, then once again it's anyones ball game! This is the time of the tournament when I like to give props to people who have picked a couple of outstanding upsets! To begin with, there was four people who picked Xavier to upset Miss. St. They are Brianne Peters, Ricky Slaughter, Randall Womack, and Mark Gentile. Even more impressive is that Brianne and Randall have Xavier advancing to the Great 8! As wonderful as that accomplishment is, it still pales in comparison to what has been the biggest upset of the tournament (that was picked). John Wirt, and Brianne Peters both had Alabama upsetting Standford in the second round! John also has them advancing to the round of 8! Once again, Wirt is in the thick of it, especially since he is one of only a few to pick Kansas in the final four! Props also need to be given to Josh Matross - the only man to pick Vanderbilt to arrive in the sweet sixteen. It is just a shame he had them playing UL Lafayette! Matross also showed some immense pelotas when he picked Vanderbilt to advance to the great 8 by beating UCONN---and for Syracuse to win the whole tournament. Josh if you are right you would have shown us all up---but I personally think your on crack!

Speaking of Crack, this brings us to our final group of individuals...Those who filled out their brackets while on crack!!!!

#10 - Josh Matross - Josh was ahead of the game when he picked Vandy to get to the sweet sixteen...but...he must have been high when he felt like Vanderbilt would be joined in this round by Murray St., Princeton, Manhattan, and Utah. Look on the Bright side Josh, if Syracuse loses you could well be on your way to having twenty extra bucks to buy some more weed! Keep smiling...and smoking dude!

# 9 - Melanie Morris - Damn she misspelled Terps, not to mention she had them winning it all! Hopefully if she finishes in the money she can attend night classes to learn to spell. Keep smiling Melanie...just don't write anything.

#8 - Jason Epperly - the infamous line "I'm going to win it all because I printed out the expert brackets" will live in infamy! I guess Dick Vitale, Digger, and Clark all were on crack when they picked there brackets---and Jason is not on the stuff- but he sure is stupid for listening to them. Besides, we know Jason is clean...he'd be to dame cheep to spend any money on crack!

#7 - Brianne Peters - I'm not saying Brianne was out of her mind when she made her picks - but she was the only person to pick Liberty to beat St. Joes! Not to mention the powerful Charlotte team to arrive in the sweet sixteen. To counter this she did pick the Alabama win and the Xavier win! But in the end the scales are tipped out of her favor for she is the only person to have both of her final two teams already eliminated (NC STATE-KENTUCKY)! She's still beating more than half the field though!

#6 - Randy Ray - Look people historically Randy has picked brackets worse than Helen Keller could! Therefore, the only way he could ever be winning this tournament if he made his picks while under the influence. Of course, knowing Randy, I think he does everything while under the influence! I'm just saying that it would be a shame if the first place pot was spent on exactly that!

#5 - This is a tie between four people: Rhea Catoe, Mike Heagy, David Catoe, and John Catoe. These are some of the Atlanta group which now are a part of our pool each year. We welcomed them last taking their money...and with the way their picks look this year, well lets just say dejavu! I think I know what happened when they picked this year. As I speculated before, their picks are oddly similar. I can just see the THREE of them passing some junk around and Mike Heagy stuttering out: "Hey, I know what would be cool. Lets all pick Mississippi St. to win" - John Catoe then adds "Alright man, but I'm also going to have Maryland in the final four, BC in the great 8, and NC State in the final four!" Not to be outdone, David Catoe exclaims "Oh yea, well I'm going to have Gonzaga, and Stanford in the final four, along with Florida in the great 8!" No doubt this was met by Ohhs and Ahhs from the rest of the group. Meanwhile, I can just see poor Rhea Catoe in the background, the sane one of the group, thinking to herself (no doubt cooking non-stop in order to feed their voracious appetites) we'll there goes 80 bucks! Rhea you are exactly right, but we don't mind do we guys!

#4 - Brad Sumpter...Look I want this bastard on here becuase he wrote - Defending Champion on his Bracket, no doubt for my personal viewing pleasure. Seriously though he is guilty by association since he lives in the same vicinity as the Hugo Boys - who have to be on something to pick as shitty as they did!

#3 - Again this one is a toss-up - Clinton Beasley Jr. and Jonathan Bradley - Jonathan picked Arizona over Duke, Texas Tech over St. Joes, Cincinnati in the great 8, and UNC in the final game - Clinton also had Texas Tech over Joe's and followed that up strong with UNC winning it all. Congratulations guys, your both on crack!

#2 - Ricky Slaughter - Ok, Michigan St. (great 8), Texas Tech (great 8), Providence (sweet 16), UNC (great 8), Florida (sweet 16), to name a few! Ricky, I'm glad your with us buddy, we need men like you to add to the pot for the rest of us to win :)

#1 - Da Da Da Dum!!! - Josh Leonard - Josh is in sole possession of last place. He has already got two fingers closed up around that twenty bucks (to the shegrin of John Catoe and Opie). Historically this...little man has been one of our greatest pickers - but this year he couldn't pick his ass! I don't know what happened? I'm puzzled? But then I hear that he's been hanging out with Randy Ray, and yeap - everything starts making sense doesn't it!

Best of luck in the sweet sixteen and the great 8! Remember, everything is in jest, so don't send me any emails suggesting that I go ---- myself. Until next time.........

Many of you were curious about the different teams which had been picked to go all the way. The list is as follows...
Connecticut.......15/44 I hope not!!
Kentucky...........8/44 OOPS!
Duke.................7/44 Absolutely!
Mississippi St.....4/44 HAHAHA!
Oklahoma St.......3/44 Panther fodder
Maryland............1/44 Terps, not Turps Melanie
North Carolina....1/44 ??????????
Kansas..............1/44 UAB will rock
Syracuse............1/44 Idiot #1
Stanford............1/44 Idiot #2
Georgia Tech......1/44 Randall's dream
Texas................1/44 Opie your rich enough!

Through Saturday recap... Well here we are again, waiting and wondering if our picks will prove to be those chosen by the bracket Gods! Unfortunately for a few of us, we have not been well received. Clinton, Melanie, and yes my "pop" Steve all saw Maryland, UNC, and Stanford falter, and with it their chances to become bracket king! Though for Melanie, I had to decided if whether or not she had Maryland winning it all, since she spelled it "Turps"??? But thats all right Melanie, whether or not you can spell means little to the rest of us, whats more important is that you have 20 bucks to lose! On a lighter note, I would like everyone to attend church tomorrow and pray to high heaven that Randy Ray does not win this thing. I must give him credit for turning around what has historically become the absolute worst bracket into something respectable this year, but really people, with the size of his mouth...if he wins none of us will ever hear the end of it!!!
I have also heard enough from Mama Epperly this year, regarding how "good" his bracket was. With that Gonzaga loss, and with it one of his final two teams, I hope that his mouth may close up just a wee' bit! I also love the fact that he printed out the "expert brackets" from ESPN, to try and help him out. AAAHHH, Jason you suck!! You can't even win with Clark, Dick, and Digger helping you out. LOSER!! I also like how those Atlanta boys all picked Mississippi St. to win. Sounds to me like an agreement: Hey if I win, or you win, or you we'll all split the pot!!! Hey fellows, just remember, that 20 bucks your playing for can only be split so many ways! Mississippi St., come on fellows, stick with a home team like Georgia Tech!...Some of you will also be happy to know that this year we have expanded to allow for a little diversity. We have decided to admit a Serbian to our little league. Ivan Valitjd...Valsijitje....Valighti....oh how and the he-- can someone spell this for short just call him foreigner, or idiot, just about anything will do. I believe he is trying to win this pool to finance a wedding, maybe pay a bill (if he had any), or perhaps to get his green card. Either way, best of luck Serb! He is also the one that emailed me, and exclaimed that 500 + 250 + 110 + 20 equaled 900 dollars???, and felt that I needed to reevaluate the pay outs. Look here imigrant, before you try and help me with my arithmatic, try to learn to add yourself, or speak english for that matter! Man this is going to be quite a tourney!!!!!!!!!

All in all, this should be an exciting bracket, with many different teams picked to win. All signs point to the champion being determined by the final game this year, unlike last year when no one picked Syracuse to win! I will update this Sunday night/Monday morning when I am awake enough to actually know what I am writing. Until then, good all of you but Randy...and Jason...and Brad...HugoGuys...the Serb...ALL THE WOMEN...etc...

1st Place: $ 500.00
2nd Place: $ 250.00
3rd Place: $ 110.00
Last Place $ 20.00
Total Pot: $ 880.00