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miniature horses new zealand nz auckland little affairs

Little Affairs Miniature Horses

miniature horses auckland new zealand

Our mare is a 5 year old chestnut pinto called Cherry Oak Summertime.
Summer has beautiful breeding (her sire is Heart Acres Nick Nolte, a 31.5" sorrel and her dam is Cherry Oak BJ - a 32" chestnut pinto). She joined us in August 2005 and is pictured above.

She is pictured in the image above with 6 year old Sparticus, a stallion we have had since July 2002. He is a beautiful silver dappled bay.

Sparticus has sired 3 foals last season producing beautiful babies. One is a gorgeous dappled palamino, one bay and one silver dappled bay. You can see a pic of them on the images page (see link below).

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