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Little Affairs Photo Gallery - 2004 Foals

Alfie, August 2005
Above: Little Affairs Alfresco (Alfie). Photo taken August 2005.

Sparticus' colts, July 2005
Above: Sparticus' colts, born February 2004. Photo taken July 2005.
Alfie is the one in the middle, baby photos of each of them are shown below.

Alfie, March 2004
Above: Baby Alfie.
This photo was taken when he was 1 month old.

Alfie, March 2004
Above: Alfie and his Mum - March 2004.

March, 2004
Above: The first born foal, March, 2004 - one month old.

March, 2004
Above: The third born foal, March, 2004 - one month old.

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