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     Lok Adhikar Manch      
A movement of marginalized people for human rights and social justice


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About Lok Adhikar Manch, Kutch 

Born out of a struggle to claim their rightful entitlements from the government, the Lok Adhikar Manch is a young evolving mass organization in Kutch. While the Gujarat earthquake shook people in India and outside, aid flowed from different parts of the country and the world. The government announced sundry rehabilitation packages - including housing compensation for all those who had lost houses in the earthquake. However, corruption and inefficiency of the government officials led to thousands of people - particularly the poor and those socially marginalized sections of the Kutchi society - the dalits, the Kolis, Muslims and to some extent the Rabaris being denied their rightful housing compensations to rebuild their houses. The economically and socially powerful classes who also had political clout by and large were able to access their compensation entitlements from the government.

This struggle has thrown new young leadership - which is challenging the existing status quo in Kutch.

Kutch and Gujarat per se has not had a history of progressive struggles (apart from those in the adivasi areas - which too now have been communalized) - in that sense, the young

Lok Adhikar Manch that has emerged from a democratic struggle against the exploiting system has a promise of being organized as a secular non-party mass organization representing secular alternative politics of working class and poor people.

The challenges for the Lok Adhikar Manch are many- organizing against - the communal forces in Gujarat, by being a part of a larger democratic alliance, and specifically in Kutch organizing against the traditional oppressive system besides fighting for the   entitlements declared by govt. after earthquake. 

As of now there are two thousand members in 150 villages of four talukas namely, Bhuj, Bhachau, Rapar and Anjar. The challenge now is to enable this new leadership of the young Lok Adhikar Manch to respond to different socio-economic contradictions in the context of Kutch and Gujarat.


(1)    To make community aware about their right and entitlements and also help them accessing their entitlements.

(2)     To create and strengthen a vibrant and aware civil society that will raise voices against the denial of rights of the poor and the most marginalized section.

(3)     To fight against communal and oppressive forces.



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