You Make Me Wanna

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about her and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about her and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me

"Avery" I walked in my house I knew my new roommate was home because her Tahoe was parked out with my cars in the driveway.

"Avery" I patted Bud and Dude as I walked in the kitchen. Dude had one of Avery's flip flops in his mouth as he ran around the kitchen. Avery Daniel was my roommate of 2 months she had started staying with me as she was breaking into the Busch circuit with RCR. Having a girl roommate was something I was getting us to. But I have to admit walking in the kitchen in the morning to seeing her was a whole lot better than waking up and seeing Snider. I saw her dress shirt hanging on the banister as I walked up the the steps. Her bedroom was empty. I saw the blue screen of the dvd player reflect from my room. When I walked in there she was in a pair of shorts and a one of my Chance 2 hooded sweatshirts sound asleep curled up on one of my pillows. I gently shook her shoulder only to have roll over snuggling deeper into my bed. I couldn't help put cover her up more and turn the dvd player off and head back downstairs.

"June" I heard her voice then her soft skin shaking my shoulder. When I opened up my eyes she had a glass of water and just a tank top on that was not even revealing but my eyes stayed glued to her curves.

"When you get home." Her hair that was in a ponytail was half up half down and her shorts were dangerously low hanging on her hips. I watched her try to pull herself together as she stood there waiting for my answer.

About.. Damn it is 2am already" I heard her crack up and laugh then throw a little water at me hitting me in the chest.

"What was the for" I said wiping off the water on a pillow

"I don't know my hand was wet"

"Cute very cute"

"I know I am" her eyes were dancing even at this time of night as she headed out of the room.

"Night June" I heard her walk up the stairs and close her bedroom door. I had this weird feeling a few minutes later as I gently cracked her bedroom door to find her sound asleep once again the fan going and her with the covers kicked at the bottom of the bed snuggled up to a pillow. She was more of my equal than Alli. Somehow I wished Avery was with me not Alli. But maybe that was just my sleep need talking. I gently closed the door and headed to my room. Hoping to sleep off the thoughts of my roommate.

Before anything came between us

You were like my best friend

The one I used to run to when me and my

girl was having problems (thats right)

You used to say it would be okay

suggest little nice things I should do

And when I come home at night and lay my head down

all I seem to think about is you

And how you make me wanna

I slammed the front door as I walked into my house after another great fight with my girlfriend Alli.

"Junior that you" I heard Avery call from the kitchen over the music she had playing.

"Yeah why do you women have to be so damn confusing" When I walked in she cutting up grapes on the counter with a big bowl of noodles beside her.

"What happened with Alli today"

"How did you know" I just stood there watching her shocked that she read right through me.

"I am good come on sit down and get a beer and let us figure this out" she looked up from her cutting to wink at me and then moved the bowl to the table so we could talk and her finish dinner.

"She says that I am and I quote "I spend to much time with my friends and not enough with her. All I want to do when I am in town is hang out at my house play the computer and listen to music Oh yeah and that I am now becoming a Mama's Boy" I heard Avery laugh at the last comment as I took a swig of the beer she brought over to me.

"Well June a Mama's Boy you are not I mean hell you just got to where you see her all the time come on what does Alli want you to do ignore her."

"Yeah Well.." I popped a grape in my mouth which led to be receiving a nice glare.

"Well nothing June I mean come on she knew before getting in the relationship with you what this life is like I mean She is just changing." she grabbed my hand before I could steal another.

"She is changing and it sure as hell not for the good it is like I am in the dog house all the time."

"Well you could always get her flowers or something you know how she is all about the show of love."


"I will order them tomorrow for ya" she slid the salad into the fridge as she walk over and rubbed my shoulder as she stood above me.

"Thanks Ave"

"No prob just don't worry about it I will get you back in her good graces since I am like her new best friend magically"

"What would I do with out you man" I rolled my neck as she kept rubbing my shoulder. Avery always knew how to relax me and get me back in a good mood things that made me start to look at her more than just my best girl friend.

"Be sore and have the boys helping you with relationship advice." she patted my back as she headed to the living room

"Come on Earnhardt it is time for me to beat you in the football game since you and the Redskins both suck"

"Daniel you are going to pay for that comment"

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about her and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about her and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me

I had just got back in from a long weekend in California. I had Alli with me all weekend but for some reason I missed Avery. There was this weird feeling of wanting Avery with me. Alli was talking on her cellphone as I walked her to her flight terminal before I headed home. We shared a less than warm goodbye. Which was more my problem than hers she wanted more and I am not a big lets make out in front of people which didn't go over well since she stomped on to her plane deck. I sped out of the parking lot ready to be home. I saw a message blinking on my phone.

"Hey Jun it is Avery you know the one you live with well you did awesome today I was very impressed even though you still suck on the computer game ha ha had to say but you did good man. See you when you get home. Later" My heart dropped when I heard the phone click why where this feelings all coming to me now about Avery.

A light rain was falling when I finally pulled in I heard a light rumble of thunder as I sprinted in from the truck. When I got in the lights were all on. I walked in the living room to a pair of bare feet hanging off the end of the couch. I just stood there looking at her laying there watching Sports Center my cats all laid around her and a bag of doritos on the coffee table next to a Sun-Drop.

"Av" I drug my finger up her barefoot sending her straight into the air making the cats jump and run

"You fathead God you scared me half to death" I felt the pillow hit me in the arm as I grabbed her legs and sat down. She immediately propped up on me with her legs in my lap.

"You get my message" her brown hair was becoming wavy because of the humidity in the air making her have this glow.

"Yeah" her blue eyes where heavy I could tell she was fighting sleep.

"I thought you might need it since today sucked" Her mouth directed open as she stretched and yawn causing her shirt to quickly go up she yanked it down fast noticing that some of her skin was exposed. She was very modest compared to half the girls I had been around even Alli. Alli wanted her body shown off and Avery just wanted to be covered up at all times.

"You said I was awesome." I gave her my best pout only to have her toss the bag of Doritos at me.

"June you make me laugh" She sat up patting my knee as she went by

"You going to bed" I stood up behind her turning off the TV and light as she started to walk to the steps.

"Yeah I wanted to make sure you got in and see how everything went and that you got my message we can talk tomorrow whenever we both decided to exist in the living world" I was heading to my room as she was to hers.

"Night June"

"Night Ave" I looked at my window watching the storm roll across the land heading towards us. I finally heard the rain start harder making me feel tired. I slide out of my clothes and laid back in the bed right when I was almost sound asleep and loud clap of thunder and a flash of lighting boom near. I heard my door creak open as another loud clap of thunder hit.

"June" I heard Avery's soft voice almost pleading

"Yeah what is wrong" I sat up from the bed looking at her standing there in a pair of shorts and one of my bud shirts she had stolen from the wash.

"Um.. The storm I don't want to be..." she mumbled and jumped as the storm got louder.

"Come're" I patted the bed beside me.She closed the door behind her then I heard her bare feet come across the carpet. I felt the warmth of her body as I laid back down. I could smell her shampoo it was different from Alli's. Everything was different. Avery had such a soft smell.

"Thanks June" I felt her jump up against me closer as the wind blew against the window.

"You are really scared"

"Nah Shit what did you think I just wanted to come and molest you in your sleep" she said with a nervous laugh.

"Well... One can" with a bam she was in my arms. I felt her breathing against my chest.

"Calm down I got you it is just a storm." I rubbed my hands up and down her back as she gripped me.

"Sorry" she pulled back from me leaving me with a empty feeling. She stayed close to me as the storm continued we just laid there making faces at each other.

I felt soft skin against my leg and chest when I woke up the next morning. When I opened my eyes. Avery had her head on my chest with her hand resting on my hip her legs inter wined with mine. My arms where soundly wrapped around her holding her tight. Something was different about holding her as she slept to when I woke up with Alli it felt right like it was what was suppose to be. I felt her roll over snuggling into my arm almost pulling me to move over she mumbled until I had my arms back around her. I laid there watching her until I had to get up and go to the bathroom when I moved she started to toss and turn the calm back down. I didn't know when I came back to wrap my arms back around her or not. I didn't have to think long cause when I laid down again she feel right back into my arms holding on me tight.

Now what's bad

Is you're the one that hooked us up

Knowing it could've been you

What's sad is I love her but I'm falling for you

What should I do

Should I

Tell my baby bye-bye

Should I

Do exactly what I feel inside

Cause I

I don't wanna go

Don't need to stay

But I really need to get it together

"Faster Junior Faster" Avery's arms where tightly around my waist as we tore through the trails on my land. The boys where behind us racing around trying to catch us. Avery was covered in mud by the time we got back to the house.

"June that was awesome man" her teeth shinning brighter against her muddy face I brushed her cheek making it worse trying to make it better with my muddy hand only causing her to laugh. She hugged me and headed in yelling at the guys as she went to get changed and cleaned up.

"Alli would have never done that with me" I said grabbing a beer and sitting on the back of my truck as me and the boys unloaded.

"Junior Man why are you with her" Josh asked me as he knocked the mud off his boots.

"With who"

"Alli man she is not your type come on you got a great girl right in front of you who is like mad for you."

"Avery" I asked looking up at them as they all nodded there heads.

"Nah Shit Sherlock god Junior come on she is hot and plus she does stuff like this with us" Martin hit the back of my head as he grabbed him a beer

"Dude she is the one that got me and Alli together I mean..."

"Hey Guys ya'll want something to eat" I turned around and saw Avery she took my breath away she was just out the shower her hair curly. I looked down her body without hesitation she had a pair of my shorts on that hung right on her hips dangerously low and a tank top that actually showed off her curves. I just stared at her as she stood barefoot against the door frame I heard all the guys answer I just had my mouth open wishing she would come up to me and wrap her arms around me like she did last night when it was storming.

"Junior you want what you always get" I just nodded as she turned around and headed back inside.

"Dude man you so got it bad for her you just are trying to fight it" The words Dave said sunk in I was falling for Avery hard and fast.

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with (oh baby)

start a new relationship with you

his is what you do

think about her and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with (oh baby)

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about her and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me

Avery was with me tonight for the race at Richmond. I didn't see her until now as I walked out to my car. She is talking to Delana Harvick and Buffy Waltrip. Someone said something funny because I saw her throw her head back laughing showing her beautiful smile. I looked at her standing there in a black shirt and a pair of pink capris she made me stand in Old Navy along with some of the crew holding after we all convinced her showing the little skin that was between her shirts and pants was okay. It was more than okay to me.

"So Mr. Race car driver you going to win tonight since I am good luck." She was helping me get my cords all connected when or hands stop on each others. I held it for to long she just looked at me but wasn't pulling back. We stayed that way until it was time for the command. When she did pull back it was like another lose. I glanced at her as she gave me the shocker making me laugh as she walked back to the pit box having Pops wrap his arm around her shoulder picking on her about something.

The race was a blur until victory lane. When I saw Avery she was covered in beer and powerade with a Nextel hat on her head. I was heading towards her when Alli appeared out of nowhere. Grabbing me around the neck as the flashbulbs went off. I looked back at Avery she looked almost disappointed. Our maybe that was me. Alli never left my side she was in every picture or making pictures happen. When I got back to the couch to head home. I saw Avery things already packed sitting on the floor. Alli had gone back to catch a flight back to her hometown for the weekend. She would be back for the All-Star race that meant it would just be me and Avery on the way home.

"Hey Junior" I heard her call me laughing as we walked to the door of the house

"What..aahhh" I felt her jump on back. I caught her up in my arms as she stole my hat and put it on her backwards.

"Look who is so strong." I had to laugh at her as she bounced around trying to make me drop her. When I got in the living room I plopped her down on the couch.

"Av I ain't tired entertain me" I stood above her jerking her ankle causing her to slide down the couch giving me room.

"What do you want me to." She was playing with the pillow as she talked still wearing my hat just sideways.

"I don't care" All I could think of was how cute she looked and how bad I wanted to juts grab her and see how she kissed.

"We can get watch a movie or something I don't know mud wrestle." She leaned up and I couldn't help it. Before she could tell me what she said I leaned into her taking her lips on mine. As quick as it happened it was over.

"Um.. Avery.. I didn't" She just looked at me then got up and headed to her bedroom closing the door. I had just ruined something a great friendship but then again I had feelings for her that I had never had with a kiss.

At this point

The situation's out of control

I never meant to hurt her but I

Gotta let her go

And if she may not understand it

Why all of this is going on

I tried

I tried to fight it but the feelings just to strong

"Dammit Alli. I am not getting into this with you" I had just came back in from the Busch race to a nagging female who was to busy complaining about not being out there with me on the pit box.

"Well you let Avery on the pit box with you and she is not even your girlfriend." she stood with her arms crossed.

"Avery is a damn racer she needs to be up there with me to learn" I just turned away heading back to the back to get a shower and away from her.

"Yeah right Junior" she said with a tone that pissed me off more.

"What are you bitching about that now for you never wanted to be up there until Avery started sitting up there." I snapped around causing her to jump back.

"Well if my boyfriend wasn't all up on some other girl who is his roommate then I wouldn't care like she doesn't even give a shit about you Junior. I mean you are giving her a place to stay of course she is going to be all fake towards you I see who she really is." She had crossed the line talking about Avery.

'Alli I am going to tell your his once and if you can't get it through your head then we are over because I am not the one that is having problems. Avery is my friend one of my best friends. She one of the most genuine people I know. The girl can't be fake if she tried. She is down to earth can hang with us when most people can't and if she cant make it as a racer she is going to be one hell of a businesswoman so don't you dare talk shit about her because she has enough balls to get in your face about it and I won't stop her" I looked at Alli and released she wasn't what I wanted. Avery was who I have been wanting the whole time. I never waited to hear Alli's response I had to get out. I stormed past her slamming the door to her yelling and went walking in any direction searching for something answers mostly. I was wanting to find Avery. She was the one I want.

You make me wanna wanna

You make me wanna

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about her and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me wanna leave the one I'm with

start a new relationship with you

this is what you do

think about her and the things that come along with

you make me

you make me