Wrong Girl

You've got a great apartment and a real nice car

The job you always wanted - you're gonna go far

You've got everything you need in this world

But you've got the wrong girl

I had just stepped out of the shower when the banging on my hotel door became louder and louder. I was staying at the hotel with the crew because Junior's girl was with him this weekend short chaining me. But I loved the guys they watched after me. I slung around my head and wrapped the one around my body tighter.

"Hold on I coming" I pray it is no one to important or some serial rapist with me answering the door in just a towel. I slowly open the door.

"June Hey what is...." Before I could answer he slammed the door behind him.

"Avery can I stay here with you tonight" He never turned around as he went and sat down on the bed leaning back his legs hanging off the edge.

"Yeah. What is wrong" I just stood there almost shivering from the air conditioner being on and me just in a towel. When Junior opened his eyes again I felt them scan my body.

"We had a fight" I grabbed a pair of pj pants and a shirt to change into as I was changing I could hear him talking through the door of the bathroom. When I was done he was done talking just laying there.

"She is a bitch point blank. So tonight this what we are going to do you don't have to race tomorrow we are going to go the store get some bud order some pizza and watch every bad stupid movie on television till we either pass out or get sick deal" I stood in between his legs as he leaned up sliding his hands on my hip. The look in his eyes was different towards me I couldn't place what made it different but right now his hands on me was making my world spin. I saw his smirk that made me feel a strange feeling towards my best friend.

"Deal" He reached out his hand as I pulled him up throwing the hotel key at him as we walked out. As we walked in the dark I felt him slide his arm around my shoulders as we walked.

"I have to protect to you from weirdo's" I felt him rub my shoulder as we walked into the package store. I walked away from him going to look at the wine coolers. I was caught up in reading the labels when I felt someone walk up behind me and whisper in my ear sending shivers down my spine.

"You better just be looking cause baby all you get to drink is Bud" I looked back at him wanting to kiss him so bad. I remembered that night when he kissed me it was quick, sweet and not long enough. In most terms it was a light peck. But it felt like a passionate knock your socks off kiss. Wait he just called me baby. I turned my head and walked and grabbed a bottle of Southern Comfort. I needed something strong with him staying in the same room and bed with me. When we got back to the room we grabbed some beers and cigars and headed to the pool it was locked so we jumped over the fence and sat with our feet dangling in the water.

"You know Avery. I got everything I could honestly ask for I have a kick ass job I love. All the money I could every want. Friends and Family but..."

"You want someone to share it with you" I cut him off with out even thinking. His thoughts were the same ones I was having. I just wished he knew exactly how I felt about him. I glanced back at him as he just nodded and pulled me back as he leaned back against the cool concert.

"Maybe I have finally found that girl" his voice was far and away he must have been thinking about Alli.

Everybody's looking cause she looks so hot

You don't know it yet but I know what you've got

Go ahead and give it a whirl

But you've got the wrong girl

"De is Alli really that much prettier than me" I was standing next to Harvick's wife Delana who had became one of my good friends since she was now over my p.r.. I was watching Alli play it up as she and Junior walked to Martin's car.

"Avery girl. Why are you saying that you know the answer to that question" I just looked at her.

"Come on Av. The guys just look at her cause her boobs are going to pop out of that shirt sooner or later and they want a good view."

"Junior deserves better. He deserves someone who loves him and not his name. Someone who wants just to be his one and only to have all of his trust and love..."

"Someone like you" I just looked at De like she had four heads.

"Nah Junior is just a friend. I am just looking out for him. I don't know why I even suggested her to him she is not what he needs."

"Avery stop fooling yourself. You know I love you like a sister so I am going to say this with all the love I can. I can see it in your face you are falling for Junior you can deny it all you want but I can promise you Alli is the wrong girl."

"AVERY" I heard my name yelled I knew the voice it was Junior.

"June" I just looked at him standing there sporting his famous white t-shirt and jeans.

"I just wanted to wish you look and be careful if you need me I will be on your radio Martin can handle himself now" I felt his arms go around me and a quick kiss on the cheek as I prepared for my race with some of the Busch boys who had came down to race the Arca race this weekend. My world stopped as he winked and hit me in the butt as he jogged down to Martin's pit box which was by mine. I looked over at Delana who was laughing and shaking her her head.

"Just friends my ass"

If you're looking for love, you're looking too hard

You can't see that what you need is right in your back yard

You were blinded by diamonds and you mistaked pearls

Yeah you've got the wrong girl

I was sitting in the office working on a paper when I heard some break and hit the floor downstairs. I got up and headed down just to see Junior leaning over the sink with his finger under the faucet

What you do" I walked over behind him. I saw he had a nice cut on his finger that needed stitches.

"Nothing I don't need you babying me" he turned and snapped at me and jerked away from my touch.

"Wow ass-wipe back off I just wanted to to know what happened" I held my hands up as the paper towel he had wrapped around his finger was soaked. I reach around to tear another piece of paper off for him touching his hand to look at it.

"I said I don't any damn help" I could tell he was beyond pissed. I have never seen him this angry before. His tone was what set my own temper off. He was one of the only people that could tap into my temper and make it come out.

"I don't know why you are in this mood but I ain't some little female you can bitch at."

"Well if you would tell you best buddy Alli to get her head out of my ass for 2 seconds so I can have a life and do my job then.." he was walking closer to me almost yelling in my face.

"Don't even blame me for you and her. You there one that is so worried about meeting the right girl and making you a damn son you are just thinking with your dick so back off. Learn what you want instead of just wanting ass your missing out on probably someone good that you can't even see because you aren't looking they are right under your nose." I was back in his face yelling. Hoping the last comment somehow he could relate back to me.

"Like you know who I want. Or what I want Avery. You don't even know what you want and I don't need your dam help to find that out I know what I want already and who I want." My mind was full of confuse and angry

"Fine bleed to death see if I give a damn.I can't help you are with the wrong girl for you. " I went to walk away when grabbed my arm jerking me back into his arms against the counter. His lips hit mine. I held on to the counter as he slid his tongue in my mouth. My hand went into his hair as we deepened the kiss. When we broke apart he just walked out of the kitchen leaving me standing there.

Does she like fishing, four wheeling in the woods

Does she get her hands greasy up underneath the hood

I'll bet she never listens to Merle

Yeah you've got the wrong girl

I was sitting on the back of the truck watching Junior mess with the engine of the car he bought from the junkyard. It was his way of apologizing to me. I had always wanted a old camaro so he bought one that we would restore together. I watched as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. It was burning up. I had changed into and tank top and a pair of gross jeans. We never talked about of little make out session during the fight. We danced around it as much as we could.

"Av can you slide under the car and hand me the hose" I hopped off the truck and slide under the car. I slided the hose up and his greasy fingers touched mine turning mine black.

"June why don't you take that shirt off so you don't get grease on it." It was one of his favorites and the slow one is going to be working on the greasiest part of the engine in it.

"Take it off for me please." I slide his shirt off and laid it on his truck. I just watched his back muscles ripples as he worked the wrench

"Daniel are you checking me out" He turned around smiling. As he went to wipe the sweat of his forehead that had slide down his face he made a huge grease mark on his cheek.

"Earnhardt You wish." I went to wipe off the grease when he marked the side of my face with his finger letting out a chuckle.

"Oh you think that is funny" I dipped my finger in the grease he had in the pan and marked the other side of his face. Before we knew it were chasing each other around the garage covered in grease. I felt him lift me over his shoulder as he caught me.

"June put me down what are you doi...." With a splash he had me int he pool. When I resurfaced he was standing at the side laughing at me.

"Who is the master now."

"At least you can do is help me up." When he reached his arm down I yanked him off balance sending him into the water with me.

"Earnhardt watch and learn" I was climbing of the steps when I heard him yell out to me.

"Hey Avery nice rack you go there." I just flicked him off as I went back in the house and stole some of his clothes to go back and work on the car. It was 1am before we went in from working my nails were stained with engine contents.

"You know Av you amaze me." I had just changed my clothes from my shower getting ready for bed when I heard his voice.

"Why is that" I was laying back on my bed as Junior stood at my door still dirty

"Alli would never do anything with me like you do she is to afraid to get dirty. I mean you are just going to make some guy have a awesome girlfriend or wife." before I could answer he had turned and walked to his room. I knew Alli was the wrong girl for him. The right one well......

If you're looking for love, you're looking too hard

You can't see that what you need is right in your back yard

You were blinded by diamonds and you mi staked pearls

Yeah you've got the wrong girl

"Damn Jun we did awesome" We had just taken the our old car out with the engine we had worked on for the past 3 weeks out for a spin. The car still need painting and body work but as Junior said we had her purring.

"We are a good team" I gave him a hug. We both pulled back locking eyes I knew where this was headed as we both leaned in.

"Dale what the hell" I jerked back looking at Alli standing there with her arms crossed. Junior dropped his arms from around me turning to face her. I slide into the house running from the situation. I could hear them start to yell "Dammit Junior wake up and realize that you are in love with Avery. Don't even sit there and deny it"

"What do you mean by that"

"You got the damn wrong girl"

Yeah you've got the wrong girl

Yeah you've got the wrong girl

You've got the wrong girl

Yeah you've got the wrong girl

Yeah you've got the wrong girl