Whenever You Call

Love wandered inside

Stronger than you

Stronger than I

And now that it has begun

We cannot turn back

We can only turn into one

I watched Alli walk out of the garage and out of my life. I knew who the one for me was. I knew that there was going to be no one else in the world that I wanted compared to her. I turned back looking at the long driveway. Either there was going to be a us or there was going to be no friendship. My heart couldn't handle not having her or only have her as a friend. When I turned the corner there she was sitting on the bottom step. Still wearing what she had on early. But something was different. She looked up at me. What I saw in her eyes was something so strong it blew me away. I held my hands down to her as she stood up. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she jumped up and held on to me as we walked up the steps. I laid her down on my bed then shut the door. I felt her pull me down so I laid in between her legs looking down into her blue eyes.

"June, I" I laid my finger over her lips silencing her.

"I just want to hold you and kiss you" I leaned down covering her lips with mine for the first time I knew whatever Avery wanted I was going to give her it. If it was the moon I would find away to give it to her.

We stayed in each others arms all night the next morning I woke up I felt her soft skin against my hand as it rested under her shirt against her stomach. We both were still in our jeans from the night before. I hadn't slept that much. All I could think about was the woman laying in my arms was the girl I was to blind to see. We never spoke to each other after Alli left we just kissed and held on to the other for dear life. I gently kissed her forehead as I crawled out of bed.

"I think I am falling in love with you Avery Daniel." I closed the door to my bedroom and headed out to the porch looking for the right words to tell her how I felt when she woke up.

I won't ever be too far away to feel you

And I won't hesitate at all

Whenever you call

And I'll always remember

The part of you so tender

I'll be the one to catch your fall

Whenever you call

"June-bug phone call" I heard Pops yell to me as I was under the car working on some shocks. I slide out and grabbed the shop phone.

"Junior" I said through the phone as I slapped my Uncle Danny on his back as I walked back to get some work done. I heard the most wonderful sound answer me back.

"Hey Stud" It was Avery she had been back in Georgia doing some work and spending time with her family. I only admitted it to my sister but I missed her so bad. I sat down against the wall with a smile on my face as I talked to her.

"You still coming to Daytona with me right" I was hoping she would be back in-town in time to catch the flight and go with us. I need her there with me. I still hadn't told her my feelings. Every night though we would snuggle up together then wake up in each others arms. I just wanted to know if there was feelings for me like I had for her that were growing every day that I couldn't slow down.

"Yeah babe I will be there by your side. I told you I am good luck remember Richmond." I closed my eyes and remembered her smile that I saw in Victory Lane as she celebrated with the guys.

"I always want you by my side" I laid my head back against the wall as the words slipped out of mouth in a mumble

"June I didn't understand you. You mumbled"

"I said I can't wait to be seaside" that was all I could think of which made her start to laugh.

"Um.. okay you weirdo" Her laugh made me crack up.

"Hey now. You know you miss me" I was hoping she would be like I was her.

"I do miss you. You know you can call me." her voice was so full of emotion.

"I know. Avery"


"I miss you to"

And I'm truly inspired

Finding my soul

There in your eyes

And you

Have opened my heart

And lifted me inside

By showing me yourself


"Junior this is beautiful" she wrapped her arms around me as we sat in the sand on Daytona Beach. Her face shinning with a bright smile as she watched in amazement as the sunset over the ocean.

"I thought the first time you seeing the ocean should be special" The look she gave me made me want to grabbed her in arms and kiss her until we both were blue in the face.

"I am glad it was with you" I saw her soul through her eyes the genuine love and happiness I was looking for and wanting to share with someone. When the sun was finally down we started to walk down the beach. I felt her inter wined her fingers with mine, When I looked over at her she smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Excuse me are you Dale Earnhardt Jr" I looked down at the little boy who had walked in front of me and Avery. He was around 4. I bent down on his level to talk to him.

"Yeah Big Man I am what is your name." He was standing there looking at Avery as I talked to him.

"You're pretty" I had to laugh as his attention towards me changed and went straight to Av. I stepped back and watch her interaction with him. How soft and gently she was as they talked back and forth about this and that. We never stop touching each other as she squatted down to talk to the boy holding on to my leg. After a few pictures and autographs. We got back to the beach house and just sat and watched the waves. There were so many sides to her that intrigued me. She was so hard on the outside but then she let me in and saw her inside how beautiful of a person she was. That was why I had fallen in love with her. I knew I wasn't just starting to fall in love I was in love with her.

I won't ever be too far away to feel you

And I won't hesitate at all

Whenever you call

And I'll always remember

The part of you so tender

I'll be the one to catch your fall

Whenever you call

"Be safe out there today and show them what you got June" Avery was leaned in my car as I belted in for the race. She had never seen a Daytona race.



'"Kiss Me" Before she could answer I grabbed her pulling her to my lips as she braced her hand against the steering wheel. I had a shit eating grin on my face as she hit my shoulder.

As I pulled in Victory Lane all I wanted was her. I didn't get to celebrate in Richmond with her and tonight she was going to be there. As the beer and powered got going I saw her arm and jerked her up against me.

"I guess your kiss was my good luck"

"I guess so" she wrapped her arms around my neck as we were blocked by the crew.

"I think I need another one so I can do good in my interviews" The crew heard me and moved so we could share a kiss and no camera would catch it. As our lips meet. I heard the track fireworks go off. When we broke apart the sky and her eyes were lit up like the 4th of July.

"I got to go do my interviews" I didn't want to leave her. I wanted her in my arms I want her lips on mine. I just want her.

"I'll be here whenever you call stud" I looked over my shoulder in her direction as I walked back through the crew to face the fans and the media. A smile playing across my lips as I conquered every question.

And I will breathe for you each day

Comfort you through all the pain

Gently kiss your fears away

You can turn to me and cry

Always understand that I

Give you all I am inside

I heard a sniffle as I walked in the dark house. I turned to head upstairs. I saw Avery sitting on the top step.

"Av what is wrong" She just fell into my arms as I sat down beside her. She cried on me for 20 minutes. All I could do was hold her and kiss the top of her head.

"Baby tell me what is wrong" She pulled back from me and touched my cheek.

"I love you. June I love you and it makes me scared to death" The tears came down her cheeks slower now as she looked at me. I just looked at her as she searched my eyes. I had waited and prayed she would love me and now she sitting her telling me.

"Avery I..."

"I know you don't feel the same but I had a dream without you in my life and I couldn't handle it June I know we are suppose to be just friends but I have been falling in love with you and denying it since you and Alli and I..." I grabbed her face and pulled her into a kiss that made my heart stop.

"Avery shut up" I stop her before she started to talk again.

"I love you to. I don't know when it happened but somehow I fell in love you and only wished you felt the same way."

"You love me" her voice low and uncertain.

"I have for a long time. I want you in my life. I need you in my life Av."

"I want to be in your life." I gently pulled her up wrapping her in my arms

"Avery Daniel I love you"

I won't ever be too far away to feel you

And I won't hesitate at all

Whenever you call

And I'll always remember

The part of you so tender

I'll be the one to catch your fall

Whenever you call

"June baby I miss you when are you coming home" I stood at the kitchen door entrance watching her make breakfast wearing on of my dress shirts and some pj pants. Her bare feet on the kitchen floor.

"I am home now" I felt her jump as I wrapped my arms around her as she had her back to me. The phone hit hit counter as she turned around.

"You scared the hell out of me fathead" She hit my shoulder but was smiling the whole time as my hands ran up and down her back.

"Well I can always go back to the..."

"Shut up and kiss me Earnhardt" when our kiss broke. I just stood there holding her.

"Promise me June you will never be to far away that will make us test our love."

"Baby I will always me here when you need me. I will never be to far away"

I won't ever be too far away to feel you

And I won't hesitate at all

Whenever you call